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Beauty, Simplified!

There are many reasons why people from around the world love Pro Extensions. Most of these reasons boil down to two simple words: Beauty, simplified!

We make you beautiful, easily.

Our Mission Statement

Pro Extensions is dedicated to providing easy, fun and affordable clip in 100 percent human hair solutions for women to quickly solve their everyday issues involving hair length, hair volume and hair style.

Our mission statement is at the core of our two mantra: Beauty, Simplified! There are many other providers that may offer you beauty. There are even some providers that can offer you simplicity. But there is no organization that brings the two concepts together as well as we do!


Pro Extensions is all about beauty. You can have long beautiful hair tomorrow using our Free Overnight Shipping. Long gorgeous locks of hair will permeate your own look to create a fresh new appearance. Get ready to turn heads!
Quality - We help you achieve beauty with our exceptional quality. Only the finest and healthiest strands of hair are used to manufacture our clip in hair sets. Our product is made with Indian hair, which is widely considered the world’s finest ethnicity for harvesting human hair. Pro Extensions are absolutely 100 percent real human hair. We guarantee that every set we sell is either Graded A human hair (If you buy our standard sets) or Graded A+ (If you buy a Remy hair set). You’ll feel the difference when you use it!

Selection - We provide our customers with varying set lengths to ensure we have the perfect set for you! We offer our clip in extension sets in lengths such as 24”, 20”, 14” and 10”. Perhaps you are someone with short hair and just wants to add modest length. Our 10” will work wonders by just adding enough length to make a difference. You can even use our 10 inch volumizer to add volume, texture and shine to spice up your existing style. Perhaps your hair is already long and is well past your shoulders. Then our 24” hair extensions will give you the opportunity to take it to the next level and go for that extra length. Whatever the length and situation, Pro Extensions has the right set for you!

Volume - Each set includes an incredible 39” of width. If you take all of the wefts in our set and lie them side by side, then you would have over 3 feet! This provides our customers plenty of hair to add the volume and coverage to achieve the layering effect that is crucial to a successful set of human hair extensions. Too many of our competitors don’t provide you with enough hair to achieve the perfect look. More Hair, More options! When you apply Pro Extensions you can use 3-4 tracks to provide the best layering effect for blending and volume.

Shine - There is no denying that our hair extensions shine. Your look will sparkle when you use Pro Extensions clip-on hair extensions. Shiny hair is a signal of healthy hair. Check out our videos or our before and after pictures to see just how healthy our users look when glamourizing their style with Pro Extensions.

Texture - Pro Extensions has a texture that any woman would appreciate.You’ll fall in love the first time you feel Pro Extensions and you will appreciate placing the silky-smooth wefts into your own hair.


We also know it’s important to our customers to achieve their beautiful new look simply and efficiently. Buying hair extensions for the first time can be an intimidating undertaking and we want every customer to be able to achieve a new beautiful look with ease. You are only a few clicks away from a beautiful new look.

Free Overnight - Yes, we do ship most of our shipments with free overnight shipping. We get this question all of the time because people just can’t believe it. We know you don’t want to wait a week to receive your order. You don’t want to worry about your extensions getting lost in a long exhaustive shipping process. Forget the hassle and buy your set from Proextensions.com and you will have a new look by tomorrow night. You will not be able to find this deal from anyone else. Free Overnight! Just think, you can enjoy longer, beautiful hair tomorrow! Check out our Overnight Shipping Conditions to see if you qualify. (the small print!)

Our System - Our system is one of the easiest to apply clip hair systems on the market today. It’s easy, you simply take our individually hand sewn wefts and layer them throughout your hair to achieve a natural beautiful look. We provide you with plenty of wefts to ensure you get it just the way you want it.

How To Guide - Having difficulty with our product? No Problem. Since we include a how-to guide with every purchase you will be clipping in hair extensions in no time. Don’t be in the dark, simply read our hair guide and you will be directed every step of the way.

No Glue, No Mess, No Fuss, Just Clip It - Clip in hair extensions are the best way to add length and volume to your hair. Have you tried bonded hair extensions? Nightmare! Bonded hair extensions usually cost in the neighborhood of $2,000 per application. The industry standard is that you only leave them in your hair for at most 60 days and then you’ll have to go through the removal process.
Bonded hair extensions require special cutting every two weeks to remove your hair that has began to mat from breakage. You have to pay your hair dresser again to have them taken out. Each application typically takes from 4-8 hours. Finally, when they are removed, your hair is shorter than when you started from all of the damage. Stay away from bonded extensions. Just Clip It!

Tester Pieces - Maybe you have changed your hair color? No problem. We include two tester pieces with every set. You can use these tester pieces to try out dyes before you apply it to your own set of clip in hair extensions. Our tester pieces make it simple to change your hair color or to achieve the exact hair color that you have always wanted.

Try It Before you Buy It - Are you worried about getting the wrong color? No Problem. We can assist you with color matching. Our color ring loan program offers our customers the ability to buy a color ring and then mail it back in with a check or credit card number to make payment. The complete cost of the color ring is applied to your eventual purchase, so that you can ensure that the hair you receive will match perfectly. Another option, is just to buy a sample. Our samples are mini – 6” long wefts that are 2” wide. This allows a customer to actually feel our extensions, look at the clip and check out the color all with one small inexpensive order.

Before and After - Are you wondering just how much of a difference buying Pro Extensions will make for your look? It’s simple to see some examples, just look at our hair extension before and after pictures of real customers and see how beautiful they look after using our product. These are our real customers sending us their pictures.

Video Reviews - Again we offer you access to real people offering their real opinions of our products on our website. If you are still wondering about our product, simply check out these video reviews of our hair extensions and see what our customers have to say about our products.