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Color Ring Loan Program

Color Ring Loan Program

Pro Extension’s Color Ring Loan Program is an easy way to ensure a correct color match when purchasing our high quality, clip-in hair extensions.

The numbers used to identify hair colors are somewhat universal. However, there can be a slight shade variation among suppliers, so we can’t guarantee that a color you bought from another vendor will be identical to what we sell, even if the color numbers are the same.

Additionally, online images can be a bit deceiving. This is because every computer and its settings are different, as is the amount of light used for each photo. In essence, the color you are seeing on the computer screen may not exactly match the product you receive.

A color ring is a simple and fast way to ensure an accurate color match, especially for first-time hair extension users. Each color ring costs $19.99 and is shipped priority mail, meaning that after purchase, you will typically receive it in about one to three business days. Every color ring will have sample pieces of the different color hair we have available. You can hold the samples up to your natural hair and decide what looks best from the comfort of your own home.

And just in case you don’t find a color that matches your hair perfectly, when you place your hair extensions, they have a natural blending effect so you won’t be able to tell that the extensions aren’t a 100 percent match to your natural hair color. Instead, it will look as though you have added hi lights or low lights, depending on what color you choose.

Once you decide on a color and are ready to order, simply fill out the enclosed form and mail it back with the color ring. The $19.99 you originally paid for the color ring is applied toward the cost of your new extensions. To cover the remaining balance owed, you can either enclose a check with the color ring return, or we can call you once the color ring arrives back to us and collect payment via credit card over the phone. 

After the $19.99 color ring credit is applied to an order, any purchase over $60 still qualifies for free overnight shipping. Most orders less than $60 will ship priority or first-class mail, depending on the product. 

If you decide not to purchase a set of extensions, you can still return the color ring for a refund less a 20 percent restocking fee.

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