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Common Questions From ProX Customers

In this section, you'll find the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Find important information pertaining to our hair extensions and our customers' experiences using them.

How can Pro Extensions afford to ship all orders for free?

We do a lot of business with our shipping carrier. This has provided us the ability to negotiate a great deal, which we pass on to you.

What makes an order eligible for free overnight shipping?

Overnight shipping is only available for customers within the continental United States. Additionally, an order has to be over $60 and received by 3 p.m. EST. For example, if you place a $75 order at 2:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, the order will arrive on Thursday as long as overnight delivery is available in your zip code and there are no problems with billing or the shipping address. Similarly, if you place a $75 order at 4 p.m. EST on Friday, the order would ship on Monday and arrive on Tuesday, pending the factors listed above.

Do you have any discount codes available?

For special offers and discount codes, please visit our promotions page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! You can also search us on You Tube, and sign up for our monthly newsletter. To register for our monthly newsletter, CLICK HERE.

How long does it take to ship an international order?

International orders typically arrive within 22 business days to two months, depending on the country and customs procedures.

Do you have any discount codes available?

For special offers and discount codes, please visit our promotions page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! You can also search us on You Tube or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Are Pro Extension products made from 100% human hair?

Yes. All of our products are 100 percent human hair unless otherwise noted.

How many grams of hair are in each set?
  • 10 inch = 80 grams
  • 14 inch = 90 grams
  • 20 inch standard and Remy = 105 grams
  • 24 inch standard and Remy = 115 grams
  • Pro Lace = 160 grams
  • Pro Cute = 105 grams
  • Pro Fringe Bangs = 22 grams
  • Pro Pump = 75 grams
Can Pro Extensions be dyed or colored?

Yes. However, this is not a process we guarantee. Often the texture will change a little when the hair color is dyed. The extensions have already been dyed once to obtain the initial color. They are also coated with a protein by our manufacturer. The protein coating enhances the texture of the human hair and also increases the life of your hair extensions. Many people do it and have great results. We provide tester pieces in the sets for you to practice with before dying the entire set. We always recommend you have the extensions colored by a professional.

Can I use heat and products to style my Pro Extensions?

Yes. Pro Extensions are 100 percent human hair (unless otherwise noted) and can be styled as you would your natural hair with heat, gel, mousse, hair spray, etc. However, because the hair is human, it is susceptible to damages from excessive blow drying, flat irons, curling irons, etc. We recommend using your tester pieces before trying any new styling techniques on the full set. When you are ready to style the full set, we suggest using a heat protecting spray before styling, or minimize heat use to prolong the lifespan of your Pro Extensions.

How do I wash my Pro Extensions?

You do not need to wash your Pro Extensions each time you wear them. We recommend that you wash sparingly to preserve their luster and silky smooth texture. When you wash your Pro Extensions, use a conditioning shampoo and salon-strength conditioner. Use of certain shampoos and conditioners could strip the extensions of its nutrients so we recommend you test shampoos on your tester pieces before you wash the full set.

Can I return/exchange my Pro Extensions?

Yes. You can return an item for a refund within three days of receiving the order. For full return policy details, please click here. Please note there is a 20 percent restocking fee.

How are the extensions attached to your head?

Our clip-in hair extensions use polymer-coated clips with grip teeth and rubber bars. The polymer coating keeps your natural hair and scalp free from damage and ensures a tight hold. Each clip is aligned along the weft pieces (material that holds the hair on the clip) and is spaced accordingly to ensure a proper clip to coverage ratio. These clips snap along your scalp, much like a barrette.

Do Pro Extensions come with instructions?

Yes. Each set of Pro Extensions will come with our "how to" guide. The how to guide will get you started in the right direction and you will be glamorizing your appearance in seconds.

How do I pick the correct color?

There are two ways to ensure a great color match; order sample pieces or a take part in our color ring loan program. Samples are typically 6 inch pieces of hair without clips. The color ring loan program actually allows us to sell you one of our color rings instead of one of our sets. You look at all of the colors and then return the ring with a form that has your color selection on it. Once the color ring is returned, we apply the amount you paid for the color ring to your purchase price.

Do Pro Extensions have to match your natural hair perfectly to look good?

No. This is the beauty of hair extensions. The weft pieces are set in between layers of your natural hair, so a blending effect takes place. An exact match is typically not necessary and a slightly different color of hair extensions will often add to your appearance with an exciting new look in terms of highlights or lowlights.

Are you currently accepting wholesale customers?

Yes. If you would like to learn more about wholesale, please email us at info@proextensions.com for more details.

What is the difference between standard and remy hair extensions?

Pro Extension's standard sets are tangle free, single drawn, grade A quality. In standard sets, all of the roots and tips are mixed together. Remy sets are tangle free, double drawn, grade A quality. Our remy hair has the roots and tips going the same direction to ensure the hair is all the same length! Remy hair is typically more durable and longer lasting than standard hair.

Should I assume that since your hair extensions are lower-priced, that they are of a lower quality?

No. The hair we use in our human hair sets is of the highest quality in the world. We are not a middle man, so we are not paying inflated prices before we bring this product to market. Most of our competitors are selling hair they are paying a high wholesale price for. This is our product so we can offer directly to you at a lower price. Also, we don't have any high-priced celebrities that promote our product for a fee, which keeps our retail prices down.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex) Google Checkout and Paypal.