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2013 Summer Hair Contest

Semirah D.

Semirah D. submitted this photo titled, "I go for a wild, edgy look, but it is very manageable!" We love Semirah's natural curls. She looks cool and polished for summer!


Hannah S.

Hannah S. submitted this summer-fun photo! We love how Hannah is rocking beach waves and stylish sun glasses!


Alexx M.

Camila H. submitted this photo titled, "Summer in the park," We love Alexx's layers and wavy hairstyle. Her stylish hat adds some shade from the summer sun!


Lorelle H.

Lorelle H. submitted this photo titled, "A beautiful moment." We love how Lorelle is wearing a super-cute bow with side-parted hair. Very in fashion!


Camila H.

Camila H. submitted this photo titled, "This picture is in Miami FL. Vacation for my summer college break this year. " We are super-jealous of the crystal-clear water Camila is swimming in! Gorgeous!


Ayri R.

Ayri R. submitted this photo titled, "Heading to the beach." We love the boardwalk atmosphere in this photo, and Ayri's sandals are really cute!



Madisyn submitted this photo titled, "I styled and wore my friend's extensions. We were on our way to the fair and I took a quick snap of myself. That was a very memorable night." We love how Madisyn styled the extensions into chic beach waves!


Rayanne V.

Rayanne V. submitted this photo titled, "Taken during a hot summer day, having a fun time hanging with friends and relaxing by the pool, soaking up the sun." We really like the bright orange color of Rayanne's bathing suit, and her oversized shades!


Brandi M.

Brandi M. submitted this photo captioned, "Going clubbing." We love how pretty Brandi's platinum hair looks with her bright outfit!


Autumn S.

Autumn S. submitted this photo she titled, "I am wearing extensions in this picture... New ones would be awesome!" We love the free-flowing, beachy waves Autumn has! And, her outfit and accessories are very cute!


Tynesha E.

Tynesha E. submitted this photo she titled, "Have you ever got your hair done and felt untouchable? Well, That's exactly how I was feeling in this picture." We have to agree, she was totally rocking that summer outfit!


Taylor A.

Taylor A. submitted this photo titled, "My friends and I decided to have a "photo shoot" down by the beach a few days ago and I captured this as they were walking down. It just reminds me of summer and fun with friends."


Taylor J.

Taylor J. submitted this pictured titled, "Every time I look at this picture so many amazing memories flood into my mind I will never forget this day." We really like Taylor's shirt, and how shiny her hair looks!


Nikolet J.

Nikolet J. submitted this photo titled, "This photo was taken before going to the blueberry festival! We had a wonderful day and I will never forget it! At the time I had hair extensions in and I really loved them! I'm looking to get some new ones in a different color!"


Kami R.

Kami R. submitted this photo titled, "This is me taking my senior photos in a grassy wooded area! My platinum blonde hair just makes the photo of me look remarkable! It's all natural, getting bleached out in the summer and just one or two highlights in the winter!"


Haley O.

Haley O. submitted this photo captioned, "This photo was taken on my birthday, June 9th, in my dorm room after hurriedly getting ready to go out. At the time I was studying abroad in South Korea, so I was constantly taking selcas. This photo was taken to show all my friends and family back home that I was doing well and going to enjoy my 20th birthday in style!" We adore Haley's short hair cut! It is so cute and trendy!


Karley C.

Karley C. submitted this photo she titled, "The only thing that could put this bathing suit all together would be some long mermaidesque extensions!" We agree! Our body wave extensions are pretty cute!


Demi O.

Demi O. submitted this photo she titled, ""At the beginning of the summer, I did the fire hair, 20" standard platinum extensions from Pro Extensions. I used redskin chromatics 6rr and 5vr to color them, and beyond yellow, washed the colors into each other to make the orange."


Casey C.

Casey C. submitted this photo titled, "This is me and my son, Emmett, getting ready to go for a walk in his stroller." Thanks for sharing, Casey! What an adorable baby!


Kelsey A.

Kelsey A. submitted this photo she titled, "Soaking up some sun before summer ends!" We love Kelsey's pretty blonde hair and coral-colored top!


Ashley T.

Ashley T. submitted this photo she titled, "This is a face shot of myself rocking my favorite summer hairstyle! It is extensions all the way through with an illusion side part. I am a master cosmetologist and I did it myself! I absolutely love doing my own hair as well as others!" We LOVE Ashley's hair! She did a great job!


Lisa D.

Lisa D. submitted this photo titled, "Can't go wrong with loose waves in the summer for an everyday hair look." We agree, loose waves are definitely in style right now. This super-low maintenance look works well for anyone!


Laura F.

Laura F. submitted this photo titled, "I am just enjoying myself with friends and getting ready to go on a night out!" We really like Laura's bright green and blue hair. It's very trendy!


Katelyn J.

Katelyn J. submitted this photo. We really like the mint green color of her swimsuit, and the side tattoo is very pretty!


Chelsea L.

Chelsea L. submitted this photo she titled, "I love being able to get glam summer curls with my extensions!" Chelsea rocks the long, loose curls. She looks wonderful!


Mary F.

Mary F. submitted this photo titled, "Baby Liliana going swimming for the first time at lake George while mommy admires her little bundle of joy." We love Mary's pink sun hat and Liliana is adorable!


Baby C.

Baby C. submitted this summer hair photo. We love her hair color! Gorgeous!


Brooke S.

Brooke S. submitted this Summer Hair Contest photo she titled, "This is a photo of me horseback riding when i went to see my grandparents in Arizona. It was the first time I was there and it was sooooo hot!!!!" We can only imagine. It even LOOKS hot in that photo!


Angela E.

Angela E. submitted this Summer Hair Contest photo she titled, "On the way to the beach to enjoy the end of summer!" We think Angela's sunglasses are very stylish and a perfect fit for a summer beach day!


Jackie W.

Jackie W. submitted this Summer Hair Contest photo of her wearing her 14 inch #6/613 hair extensions. She titled the photo, "Ready for a night out with the girls!"


Amber S.

Amber S. submitted this Summer Hair Contest photo she titled, "Summer is the perfect time to rock rainbow ombre!" This is such a cool look! We love all the colors!


Janesha B.

Janesha B. submitted this Summer Hair Contest photo she captioned, "This was a picture of me eating lunch during my work break. I was extremely tired, but still cute!" Janesha's wavy hair and pretty makeup look wonderful!


Tyler T.

Tyler T. submitted this Summer Hair Contest photo she titled, "Modeling the MAC makeup my friend did for me earlier that day." The makeup looks great! Very pretty!



Summer Vacation in London, England: A True Real-Life Story

By Claudia

In the summer of 2009, I boarded a jumbo jet to London, England. I wore plain clothes so that I wouldn't attract attention. I'm always trying to blend-in in public spaces like airports. After flying an entire day from Pennsylvania to England, I arrived tired and exhausted to London's Heathrow Airport.

All I could think about was getting out of my sweaty travel garments, taking a hot shower and relaxing at my luxurious hotel. I nearly passed out when I was told that the airline had lost my luggage. A doorman handed me two cups of water and he told me that he was concerned because I was looking very pale.

Besides my lost luggage, all I had brought was my purse and the clothes on my back: baggy jeans, old shoes and a white button-up shirt. Maybe that's acceptable in America; but, Londoners in the financial district are a different crowd. The world's top bankers, investors, and businessmen walk up and down London's streets in their perfectly pressed pinstripe suits. Secretaries and receptionists pace around London's five-star establishments in their sky-high heels and tailored pencil skirts.

I, on the other hand, looked like crap. I got to the hotel and was treated like I came from a third-world country. Yet, I had booked hotel reservations weeks in advance and was a legit customer! Oh the cruelty of their stares! Upon arrival, all of the hotel staff, except for one, treated me like filth. A waitress from Brazil who told me she was working her way up, and starting from the bottom, was the kindest soul to me. She brought me newspapers from all over the world. I really love newspapers. She made sure I had all of the simple, creature comforts that I loved, like eggs sunny-side-up and fresh orange juice. She was just an angel. I can't believe how different that woman was from all the rest of the staff. She looked beyond my shabby clothes and into my heart and soul. Without my luggage,

I went without the basics for the first day. Without a hairbrush and hair extensions, my hair looked thin. My precious hair extensions serve as afiller for what I lack. As I searched for clothing stores, drug stores and just any kind of store where I could find some much needed essentials, people around me gave me strange looks. I never realized the extremities of my self-consciousness as I did on that day. I kept thinking about the kind, warmhearted waitress. She made me feel accepted. But, why wasn't I getting that from the other Londoners?

I quickly realized how important appearance is to the world. People judge each other based on our looks. It's human nature. That's just life. I missed my hair. I realized how much more confident I felt when I wore my extensions. At that moment, my broken spirit was written all over my face. Thank God my luggage was eventually found. I showered and changed into my prettiest clothes. I never felt more brand-new. The hotel employees looked at me with surprise when I descended from my hotel room in a pretty, bouncy Anne Taylor skirt and a pink Brooks Brothers shirt.

My clean, full, bouncy hair gave me the confidence I needed to smile. Now, I often think back to this time and realize how strongly my confidence and self-esteem are tied to my appearance. If hair extensions can boost my confidence, happiness, and inner emotional security, then why shouldn't I wear them? And, why shouldn't I wear clothes that make me feel good? A girl needs to be happy! After all of this, I realized that I do love London.

Madonna and Elton John live in London. The Queen of England lives there, too. Actually, several of the world's ultra-fabulous fashion designers all live there. It's a glamorous place. I love glamor. But; most important of all, the kindhearted waitress lives there. The nice doorman who gave me water at the airport when I was about to pass out, he lives there, too.

These people really changed my heart. I'm glad I went to London so I that I would learn what is truly important in this life... the heart! So, here's to your hearts, I wish that they would be full of warmth, affection, and love. I wish you would all the courage to love yourselves on days that you look good, as well days that you don't look good, and that you would extend that kindness to those around you, too.



A Truly Haunted Adventure (Non-Fiction)

By Madisyn

It was our second week out of school. What better thing to do than have a bonfire with a couple of friends? My mom was out of town and my dad wasn't around, so I sort of expanded the guest list. I didn't know when my mom would arrive back home. My dad was only aware of three girls that were coming.

Well, three girls turned to 12 girls and it wasn't much longer until my mom came home. She was quite upset, but got over it. But that's not the wild thing about the night. It was about midnight, and our best guy friend, aka my neighbor, was out of town. We wanted to crash his cabin, which was way out back by his family's pond.

We were all dressed in sweaters and wearing hats. We didn't plan this together as a group, but two of the girls wondered off to his place. The next thing you know, we receive a text from those girls telling us to hurry up and meet them there.

So I told my mom we were playing hide and go seek in the dark, so she wouldn't call for us or look for us. After that we booked it! We finally got to his place and it was pitch black! We gathered in front of the cabin, trying to make someone go first. My friend Kylie did and there was a camera pointing at the door.

We flipped out, so I tried going in and I saw the camera. We were so confused because the door was unlocked. So we gathered once again in front of the tiny cabin. But then my friend and I looked at the window and saw a blonde-haired girl moving with a light and blanket.

We ran so fast back to my house, screaming and dying of laughter! The possibilities of it being the guy’s sister were slim. But we didn't want to find out. (True story.)


Cassandra H.

Adapting (Non-Fiction)

By Cassandra H.

When I first arrived in Berlin I was already numb from a whirlwind of European travel. I had backpacked from Rome to Berlin by myself-- quite the feat for a 20-year-old cedar-rat from one of the unpolished portions of rural Utah. I was dazed by my experiences of the previous ten days, and while in this state of emotional hangover I thought that nothing would surprise me now. I had seen swindlers, drunks, and been heckled by a gang in a language I didn’t understand. It seemed nothing would top the thrill of missing a train in Rome, fighting an aggressive swan in Luzern with the help of a fellow tourist, being lost in the ghettos of Venice, and being sniffed by a filthy old Russian man on the train from Zürich to Berlin. As far as I was concerned, my give-a-damn had been broken by exposure to European culture; I was seasoned, shock-proof, and practically invincible.

I was wrong.

Rome is not Berlin. Venice is not Berlin. Neither Luzern nor Zürich is Berlin. Berlin is its own kind of city with its own kind of rules.

 It’s the kind of city where anything goes. The cultured aren’t elevated above the crass; they mix freely without either losing its integrity, (if one can refer to crassness as if it were a virtue to be upheld.) One can’t picture Berlin if they just try to picture one city, it will never be enough to portray reality. If you imagine a mix of every city and culture you’ve ever visited you will begin to understand, but you will still fall short.

To tell the truth, my first few days in Berlin scared the pants off of me. (Almost literally: there was that time that I was already out of my apartment  in Charlottenburg and crossing the street to the S-Bahn before I realized that I had forgotten to put on pants,  but that’s a story for a different time.) Within my first 24 hours in the city I had already been assigned a hostel room with all men, smelled beer for the first time in my life, been invited to join in a Lithuanian drinking game with a group of traveling university students, and accidentally walked in on a very intimate moment that was taking place in the laundry room of my accommodations.

There are advantages to spending the first part of your experience in a new place panicky and most often in tears: it can only go up from there. Berlin, like the child of an unplanned pregnancy, though shocking at first, weasels its way into your good favor and before you realize what’s really happening, you can’t imagine life without it. You’re glad to be there, sad when you have to leave, and you will be eager to return.

Despite the mess I was in upon arrival, coping equilibrium was soon reached and I perked up enough to realize that I loved living in Berlin. I loved the diversity of the place. My classmates were from Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, England, Switzerland and Greece. I bought a suitcase from a Turk shop, helped a Chinese tourist get a picture of the Berliner Dom and then I went to an American diner for lunch. I lived in an artsy apartment in a ritzy shopping district, but there was still a dingy-and-most-likely-not-up-to-code 24-hour döner shop directly below us.

Denglish, the mutant-hybrid child of German and English, became my primary language.  “Let’s shaff this thing!” instead of “Let’s do this thing!”; “Our trip will have two Umsteigs.” rather than “Our trip will have two transfers.” and other similar phrases became part of my group’s working vocabularies. We all learned to navigate the public transportation systems like longtime professionals, shaving minutes off our time with less congested routes or by transferring to a different mode of travel.

I became so comfortable that I almost forgot what it was like to live anywhere but Europe. As far as I could tell I had always rode a train to school, I had always had to avoid speaking English where beggars and gypsies could hear me, and I couldn’t recall how one calculated sales tax or why you would throw a plastic bottle in the rubbish bin when you could return it for a cash reward.

I had even reached the point where I liked to wander around alone in the city, which was a stark contrast from the first week when I would cling to anyone I knew and nearly hyperventilate if they suggested splitting up. Eventually, though, my dominantly solitary nature took control again and I savored those moments when the only person within a mile of myself that I was familiar with was myself.

It was my third Sunday in Berlin and my last, as we would be leaving the next Friday to go study in Tübingen, a small town in Southern Germany. I realized that it would probably be my last chance to go take pictures of the things I had seen during my time there, so I grabbed my camera, my travel pass, and my map of Berlin and left the apartment as my roommate took a Sunday afternoon nap.

I took the train to the Friedrichstrasse station and walked to the Berliner Dom, and then I took the subway to the Brandenburg Gate. I decided to walk to my next destination, Checkpoint Charlie, since there was not a direct transit line connecting the two locations and from the map it seemed that the two were close, but I found the map to be deceptive. It was actually quite a long walk, especially as the sunlight slowly faded away.

It was a part of town that I’d never been in before. It was a very quiet and unpopulated portion of Berlin. In a city of over 3 million people, I found myself alone on quiet and unfamiliar streets. While walking down a sidewalk that ran between a small empty field and an abandoned building with intricate stonework, something on the ground caught my eye. I reached down and discovered a folded 20€ note. My first instinct was to find the owner; my morals wouldn’t allow me to play the finders-keepers game. But, as I looked around, I realized the hopelessness of the situation. I was in a slightly dilapidated and possibly unsafe neighborhood, I didn’t speak German well enough to communicate such a complicated situation to a native and, besides, there was no one in sight. I had no way of finding a lost and found. The true owner of this money wasn’t ever going to see it again no matter what I did. Almost guiltily, I finally decided that the money was as well off with me as anyone else who would find it.

By the time I reached Checkpoint Charlie it was dark and I felt that I should already be home, being alone as I was. The closest U-Bahn station, Kochstrasse, was downright eerie. I decided that, for future reference, 9:30 P.M. was too late to be out alone in parts of town that I had never been to before. I felt the intense need to get home now.

It was in this mood as I hurried out of the aboveground train station in Charlottenburg that I encountered the Polish couple.  They seemed clean enough, which may be why I didn’t trust their story; they claimed to be a couple from Warsaw that had been robbed in transit and needed just 10€ so they could afford a hostel room for the night. I thought they had targeted me because of my camera, I knew I looked more like a tourist than I usually did.

 “I don’t have any money with me.” I said, which would have been true if I only had what I’d left the apartment with.  Halfway through saying those words I remembered the 20€ that now sat in my pocket, through no merits or work of my own. I wouldn’t be hurt by its loss; it wasn’t something I’d ever planned on anyway. I abruptly felt that I should give it to them.

I didn’t, though. I kept it and later tried to convince myself that I had escaped being cheated by a couple of con artists, the kind that I encountered every day in Berlin: Turkish women with cardboard signs written in English and husbands at home with gambling problems; gypsies with carefully memorized scripts and nimble-fingered children; drunks with no tact but seemingly infinite persistence. I told myself I had simply adapted in the necessary ways to live in Berlin, those unwritten rules: separate your trash, recycle, never stand in the bike lanes, move quickly at the grocery store checkout and don’t give handouts to beggars.  It was just a little essential adaptation to a different lifestyle, that’s what I told myself.  And with enough time, maybe one day I’ll believe that’s true.



Erica S.

Summertime State of Mind (True Story)

By Erica S.

It's amazing how the memory of a great summer seems to stand the test of time. I suppose it's because it's a moment in life that stands for so much more than just a day or an experience. A good summer can come to represent a certain time in your life of freedom, happiness, youth, love or all of the above.

The thought of my greatest summer experience literally always brings a smile to my face. I figured a European trip abroad right after finishing my senior year in college would be the best graduation gift that I could give myself. I saved up for a year, convinced a friend to go with me, quit my stressful job and bought a ticket to London Heathrow airport for the first day of July with no return date in sight. I was so proud that I had worked extremely hard to make this trip happen, so even getting on the plane was an accomplishment that made me smile like a kid at Disneyland.

Needless to say, I looked like an excited tourist. It was the perfect time to go. The start of summer meant beautiful beach locations and wonderful weather. Since school was over, the stress of life seemed to dissipate. Not to mention that the reality of life and the struggles after college had not yet been given the leeway to sink in, so my thoughts were consumed with the idea of all the amazing things I'd see and people I'd meet. My friend and I boarded the plane and had 11 hours to sit and think about what was to come.

My friend couldn't help but laugh when, me being the planner that I am, pulled out sheets, lists and travel books pin pointing how long we would stay in London and what time spam was designated before we then would head off to our next location. I was so excited that I had done the research and planned our trip to a precise and perfect tee. When we touched down, we stayed in London and took in all that it had to offer. It's funny how when traveling, normal things that are done on a daily basis become exciting. Taking public transportation, for example, when set against a different backdrop, seems like a great adventure.

After our London excursion, we traveled next to our scheduled stop in a small English town where we had blocked out about a week to stay. After two days, we realized that although quaint and charming, one week was too much time to spend in this particular area. I begin to get nervous as I looked at the schedule that would have to be altered and what that meant for finding transportation and what stops had to be moved around in order to fulfill the newly opened time slot. We made a decision on a location and packed up all of our things and headed to the train station to catch the train to take us to our newly decided stop. When we got to the station, we were informed that we had just missed the train and that the next one would not leave for that particular destination until the following day.

The stress began to steadily rise. However just as quickly, I realized something that made the stress completely evaporate altogether. It finally dawned on me that I was a 23 year old woman, lucky enough to be abroad with my best friend and no responsibilities. I quite literally had an "open ticket" to live in the moment. It was at that second that I realized that the schedule was completely unnecessary in every possible way. I understood that by holding myself to a time frame, decided locations meant no time or space to find something new and to achieve the spontaneous and exciting experience I had worked so hard to afford myself.

I threw the schedule in the trash along with the idea that plans were always necessary. In that instant, I saw how just how quickly things could change and how sometimes you're left without a path. And it's those moments that you have to let your hair down, take a breath and enjoy the options and benefits that unexpected changes bring. I looked at the train schedule that showcased the times of trains leaving in every kind of direction.

Then I looked back at my friend, smiled and asked, "Well, what looks good to you?" My mind frame changed completely in that one moment. It's the impromptu events in life that make life amazing. After that we traveled to places suggested by other travelers and locals we met along the way. We camped in Germany, had a huge tomato fight in Spain, danced the night away in Italy and so much more. Not to mention how many wonderful and random people we met along the way. And as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, the old adage is true, "It's not the destination, but the journey that really leaves an impression on the spirit."

And thankfully I've been in that mindset ever since.

2013 Summer Hair Contest

Summer Hair Contest
(June 21, 2013 – September 16, 2013)

It’s summer! And that means days at the beach, lounging by the pool, going to barbeques and enjoying quality time with friends and family! To help celebrate summer, Pro Extensions is sponsoring a multi-category Summer Hair Contest! The grand-prize winner of each category will receive a free set of extensions up to $99.99 in value! The runner-up in each category will get a $50 Pro Extensions gift card! All non-winning entries will receive a coupon code good for 15% off their next purchase. Entries will be accepted June 21- September 16.

Contestants are welcome to enter both categories, but one person cannot win all prizes. In the event that one person should win both categories, the prize will automatically be deferred to the runner up.

The contest categories are as follows:

Hair Photos

  1. E-Mail your summer photos to promos@proextensions.com from June 21 to September 16. Be sure to include your name, along with a short description of what is happening in the picture. Please keep the photo content clean. We will not accept entries involving nudity, vulgarity or other controversial subject matter.
  2. We will post your photo to special facebook and pinterest galleries and on our website.
  3. From June 21 to September 16, get your friends and family to “like” your photo once it is posted to our facebook page.
  4. The person with the most “likes” wins the contest. We will stop counting "likes" at 5 p.m. EST on September 16.
  5. The winner will officially be announced on facebook and Twitter on September 16.
  6. All prizes for non-winning entries will be emailed following the winning announcement.
  7. The winner will be contacted via e-mail to obtain the necessary information to claim their prize.

Hair Stories

  1. What was your best summer vacation ever? Do you have a hilarious summer camp story? Are you good at writing short, fictional stories? Send em’ to us! From June 21 to September 16, Pro Extensions will be accepting summer stories. Whether it’s a real-life experience, or you want to flex your creative muscles and entertain us with a fictional summer-themed tale, we want to hear it!
  2. To enter, e-mail your story, along with a supporting picture, (if applicable), to promos@proextensions.com. Please be sure to include your name and current age. If your story is fictional, please be sure to tell us. Previously published fictional stories ARE NOT acceptable. Fictional stories are for newly-created content only.
  3. The final time to submit an entry is 11:59 p.m. EST on September 16.
  4. All entries will be posted to special facebook and pinterest galleries and on our website.
  5. Pro Extensions staff will vote to select the winner and runner up.
  6. Winning names will be officially announced on facebook and Twitter on September 20.
  7. All prizes for non-winning entries will be emailed following the winning announcement.
  8. The winner will be contacted via e-mail to obtain the necessary information to claim their prize.

All decisions and entries are subject to review by Pro Extensions. Pro Extensions reserves the right to disqualify or omit any submission for any reason at any time. All decisions are final. Using online devices to generate likes is not acceptable. Anyone found to be using such methods to better their chances of winning will be disqualified. Submitted photos become the property of Pro Extensions and we reserve the right to use the images on our social media pages. Copyrighted or stolen images taken from third-party blogs, websites or other sources are not acceptable and will be disqualified.