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25$ Off Pro Lace

All Pro Lace extensions

Get $25 off our Pro Lace (160 grams) clip-in hair extensions.

Have thick hair and need extensions that will blend and look natural? Our Pro Lace hair extensions are 20 inches long and contain 160 grams of hair, almost double the amount of a standard set. Get $25 off our Pro Lace clip-in hair extensions today!

Deal only lasts until midnight EST so act now.

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  • For a single $1, you can buy one of our samples and test our color, quality and clips!

  • This song was made famous by Ricky Martin. Now you can rock this set of bangs at a $5 discount.

  • Need a little color in your life? Buy two highlight streak packs and get the third one (of equal or lesser value) free.

  • Are your tangles making you go crazy? Spend $25 and get a free hair extensions loop brush. This brush is especially designed to prevent tangling when brushing your hair and extensions together.

  • Buy two sets and get the second set of equal or lesser value for half price.

  • $25 off any Remy product (includes cute, 20" remy, 24" remy)

  • $25 off Pro Lace 160g sets.

  • Get 20 percent off any set of 24" long hair extensions.

  • 20% off our 10" set of hair extensions.

  • Take 10 percent off any of our 20" standard hair extension sets.