Stain Resistant White Jeans

White jeans can be a super-cute, but for many women the fear of getting them dirty is enough reason to skip out on this fashion trend. However, a breakthrough in fashion technology might help calm those fears!

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What to Pack When Traveling Abroad

As Spring Break approaches, and summer time draws closer, many people begin to think of their vacations, or possibly even study abroad trips. Deciding what to pack on these adventures can be somewhat stressful, but if you follow the motto “less is more” you’ll never go wrong.Read More

Give your wardrobe some love this Valentine's Day

Whether you are going to a gourmet restaurant for a romantic, candlelit meal, or just watching movies on the couch and eating popcorn, Valentine’s Day can be a great reason to buy something out of the ordinary.

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Look stylish in leggings

Leggings can be a critical part of your wardrobe. Or they can be your worst fashion enemy. It all depends on how you wear them. Successfully wearing leggings can easily be achieved by following these basic guidelines.

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Chic Winter Coats

It might be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your stylish outfits under coats that resemble puffy marshmallows. This winter season, there are a number of chic coats available that will not only keep you warm, but make you look great!

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Jeans Moisture Your Legs- While You Wear Them

In the fashion industry, not much comes as a surprise. However, there are a few things that make you wonder “How in the world did they come up with that?” Such is the case with Wrangler’s new line of beauty-enhancing jeans. And by that we mean jeans that have interior liners infused with Aloe Vera to create a moisturizing experience.

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Cheap ways to transition your summer wardrobe into fall fashion

Summer is almost over and it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion. While many eagerly look forward to an excuse to shop, others can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe just because the season and the latest fashions have changed.

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Rose-colored clothes are in style for fall 2013

Most people associate fall with colors such as brown, orange, dark green and mustard yellow. However, fashion for fall 2013 is all about rose hues and powder pink.

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Change Your Look From Day to Night- Instantly!

Your phone rings at 4:30 p.m. You were a half-hour away from leaving work, going home, putting your ratty PJs , pouring a glass of wine and settling down with the latest episode of Downton Abbey.

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Jewelry and Fashion for Your Colored Hair

The season that lets most of us play with bold colors and daring styles is upon us. Summer is also when the more adventuresome amongst us experiment with hair color. The appropriate outfit and accessories will help produce a unified ensemble so that multiple elements do not clash with one another.

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Accessories You Shouldn't Live Without

There are some accessories that should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe. From the practical to the funky, check out the universal ways to wear these fun fashions.

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Wearing Floral Print- Bigger is Better

This summer, floral print is hot. But just because you have flower power doesn’t mean you have to look like the upholstery on grandma’s couch. Follow the simple tips below and you’ll look fabulous in floral in no time!

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What every woman should have in her closet

We’d all love to have a closet full of the latest designer clothes, complete with a new and stylish outfit to wear each day. Sadly, unlike A-list celebrities, many of us are on a budget that does not include such luxuries.

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Five Hot Shoe Styles for Spring

Winter is over. It’s time to start shedding the extra layers and bulky boots in favor of sheer tops and cute sandals. As the weather gets warmer, the selection of cute spring shoes also heats up. And what girl can resist a cute pair of shoes?

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Perfect Hair to Match any Outfit

Drew in Curls

Most women try to coordinate their clothing, accessories and makeup. But how much thought is put into making sure your hair compliments the rest of your ensemble?

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Outfits Sure to Flatter Any Body Type

Outfits Sure To Flatter

If you have ever fallen in love with an outfit, but avoided trying it on because you thought there was no way it would look good on you, think again!

The truth is, when clothing is sized properly and patterns and fabrics are used to their advantage, women can pull off more looks than they ever dreamed possible.

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Quick and Cheap Ways to Instantly Change Your Look

Quick and Cheap

It’s easy to fall into a hair rut. Keeping the same style day after day can be familiar, and more often than not, convenient. The thought of a major appearance change can be unsettling.

If you are considering a new look, but don’t want to make a major commitment, try one (or more) of these five suggestions.

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Quick (and cute) looks when you’re pressed for time

Hitting the snooze button five times seemed like a great idea- until you realize that you have to be in class or at work in the next 30 minutes! You want to look stylish and put together, but there is no time for a major primping session. Instead of grabbing jeans and a hoodie, or sweatpants and a t-shirt, take five minutes to quickly survey your closet. You’ll be glad you did!

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Eliminate Holiday Stress

Whether it’s buying gifts, mailing greeting cards or visiting family, the list of things to do during the holiday season can be overwhelming.

However, a little advanced planning and some quick budgeting can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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