Can I borrow some glue?

Do you ever wonder what your hair is thinking? Like right before you are about to get a chemical relaxer, or a keratin treatment? Or how about right after you get a haircut that is overdue, and your ends are fried and dyed? I have recently realized that hair is full of not only "secrets," but also personality and multiple feelings including happy, sad, mad, hurt, frustrated, etc.

Think about it, whatever we are physically, mentally, and/or emotionally experiencing in life can be displayed through our hair, whether we believe it or not. From bad and good days to wrapped up, pinned in a bun/ponytail, or sexy long curls for a night out on the town with friends, our hair is one of the first things seen by others. Well, if they have hair, bald is obviously noticeable as well.

Proper hair care can most certainly be expensive. From shampoos, conditioners, professional appointments and hair supplements to hair supplies, individuals need to think of their hair like they think of their skin care. Would you walk out of the house without putting on lotion first? Even though we all have played victim to this a time or two, think about what it does to our skin. It leaves it dry, ashy, unprotected and lifeless. For the most part, these same effects occur to the hair as well, in a matter of speaking. Who would have thought that physical stress could make the hair fall out. And yes I said, "Fall out."

Last year, after experiencing trauma from an accident and months of recovery and stress, my hair started falling out. Instead of deciding what hairstyle I was going to wear for the day, I was trying to create a way to comb my hair without using a brush/comb. So far this plan is not going as planned. Apparently, when the hair is stressed, simple things like using a brush/comb can make the strands of hair simply start to fall out from the root. I guess this is my hair's way of telling me that the weeks of bed head were not appreciated whatsoever, but the DAMAGE is done and now the RECOVERY must begin.

It's amazing how one day I can go from finding ways to thin out my coarse/thick/unmanageable hair; including anything from layering to specific hair styles; to now trying to save the life of every strand that I find lifeless on the floor. But, let's not forget the process of trying to remain stress/tension free in order to retain the life of the hair that I still have. Now even though I am a fan of hair extensions, I personally do not think that I could get away with wearing wigs and/or lace fronts. It is truly amazing to me how the human body is connected, but at the moment my hair is not too impressed with the connection.