Tips for Perfect Semi-Formal Ponytail

Ever feel like you can't find the perfect ponytail? I did, so I scoured the internet for tutorials of the perfect pony. Much to my surprise, there were slim pickings. Instead of coping one of the fabulous looks, I decided to mash them all together and create a look of my own.

I look everywhere for inspiration on how to form a cute ponytail, but I am a very picky hair person and all of the looks were too typical. You have your sporty ponytails, your business ponytails, your formal ponytails and of course your, "I just threw this up without looking in the mirror" ponytails. There is virtually every type of ponytail you can think of, so you can imagine my surprise when I was unable to find a ponytail to work for everything.

Finally, after countless hours of searching everything from Greek goddess to mod ponytails, I finally had all the skills and ideas for the perfect ponytail. It combines the classic bump from hairspray with a braided, boho headband and a curled back.

First, you will need to wash and condition your hair. Then, after towel drying your hair to a damp state, rub a small amount of mousse into your hands and rake it through the roots as your scrunch to add volume. Then dry the hair away from the scalp. A good way to do this is to lean upside down and dry your roots; it will add a voluminous touch to your hair.

Then once you have dried your hair, section off the hair above your ears. It should look like a half-up hair-do. Then, take the hair from the left side-leaving the back and a small portion in the front-and Dutch braid the hair. When you braid the hair, pull in and upward and outward motion; this will allow the braid to lie over your head more smoothly. Then do the same on the right side, only this time braid it regularly. After you have braided the hairs, just tease the ends or secure them with a small hair elastic. I like to tease the ends upward because then you do not have to worry about the band showing.

After securing your braid, you will want to pull down the rest of your hair .Then section off the hair from the ear to ear in an upside down "U" motion. You want the crown of your head to be loose. Then tease the crown gently just to add a small poof to the hair. You can vary the amount of tease to fit your look. The more you add, the sassier it looks. Once you have teased your hair, take the hair you sectioned and tease the under layer once. Lay the hair over the crown and push up to pin. By pushing up you add more volume to the bouffant.

After you have teased and pinned the bouffant, you will place the braid. To place the braid, just lay it over the head and pin through multiple crosses. You want the braid to be tight to the head to add definition to the bouffant, but loose enough to let the hair rest comfortably underneath. When you pin your braid, take a small amount of hair from the side and tuck the ends of the braid inside so that it is hidden. Repeat on the other side.

Then you will take the hair that is loosely hanging on your neck and pull it all into a ponytail. The ponytail can be loose or tight depending on your personal preference. Once you have secured the ponytail, you want to pull the hair you left out in front of your braid back over the braid's base. Take the hair and wrap it around your ponytail in a clockwise manner. Then do the same on the other side, wrapping in a counter clockwise manner and pin.

Then once you have done that, curl your ponytail and any loose tendrils and you have a cute, semi-casual ponytail.

NOTE: I am wearing my Pro Extensions to achieve this look so the ponytail is longer and thicker than my normal hair would be naturally.