How to Tame Your Mane

When it comes to hair, I am always searching new and different ways to style my hair, color it, or even just make it healthier. I watch millions of YouTube videos, read countless amounts of forums and articles look at thousands of different style pictures to find new tips and tricks.

I have also done so many different things with my hair throughout my life, I have a tip or trick for just about anyone. My hair has changed so much over the last 23 years you would be amazed. It started off thin and straight as a pin, to now being thick and wavy/curly. I have also tried every variation of colors one can imagine, I am a natural dark rich brunette (I think, ha!) and I have been almost golden blonde from highlighting, Rhianna Red, Burgundy, Black, etc. With all those colors, I learned from experience and from reading/watching how to take care of my hair in every stage/color/length.

Thin Hair Tips:

My mother always kept my hair short and layered when I was younger because of how thin it was, the short layers helped give it volume and made it look thicker as well. But if you don't want to cut your long locks off, I also recommend lots of layers and a texture cut to keep your long hair from looking drab and flat. Also blowdry it with some mousse for added thickness with a round brush (big for long hair, small for shorter hair).

Thick Hair Tips:

When you are getting your hair cut, make sure to ask your stylist to NOT blunt cut your hair. It will make the ends of your hair feel and look extremely heavy and thick, you want a nice wispy textured cut with many layers. It will help distribute the thickness of you hair more evenly around your head and give you volume in all the right places.

Dry/Chemically Processed Hair Tips:

Make sure you are buying shampoo and conditioner specifically made for this type of hair, thinking that any generic products will do the trick in order to save a few bucks might do more harm than good. Also, invest in a nice leave-in conditioner, it will help give more moisture o your hair after you get done washing it. With that make sure you are NOT washing your hair every day, you are doing more damage by doing so, sometimes less is more. My typically washing routine is every other to every three days (depending on the color, the season and my daily activities). That doesn't mean don't shower, just throw your hair up in a ponytail/bun and keep it from getting too wet when you need to shower, it will save you time and damage. Lastly wash you hair last in the shower, the more water that runs through it, the more your conditioner will run out, leaving you hair with less moisturizing product in your hair.

Keeping Your Color Longer Tips:

Wash AND rinse your hair in cool water, I personally will take cooler showers in order to make my red shades last longer, it may be miserable but at least my hair will look great! Your hair is porous, warm water opens pores more, meaning more color will be coming out of your hair, i.e. your color fades faster. Using cool water also helps give hair more shine and leave it feeling softer. Moisture is key in keeping any color lasting longer, so things like thermal protectants, leave in conditioners, oils, serums, etc. are worth getting a hold of.

Healthier, Longer Hair Tips:

As many people have stated before, keep yourself healthy. Eating well and exercise will help promote not only a healthy and good looking you, but it will keep your hair looking great as well! Some additional things I have found that keep my hair looking great and help it grow faster, taking my vitamins. There are specific vitamins made for helping your hair, skin and nails that you can get at any vitamin shop or drug store, folic acid is also a good addition to the list to take.

Simple things when it comes to hair care will mean the most, remember sometime less is more when it comes to things like washing and using heat. Love your hair and treat it well, it will in return love you back and look great!