Pink Hair.. Oh No!

How does someone go from having beautiful, blonde hair to vibrant, bright pink hair? You let your friend dye it.

This happened about a year ago when I went to my hairdresser and asked for blonde hair with a couple of pink streaks throughout it. He did an amazing job and it looked sick! I walked around for the longest time with the coolest looking hair. Everyone at my high school had plain looking hair because we were such a country school. Imagine being the one that looks different! It was an amazing feeling.

A couple weeks later, I noticed the pink beginning to fade out of my hair. It was way too soon for me to be able to afford to go back to my hairdresser. I was debating on dyeing parts of it myself, but then I realized that could end really badly. So I asked one of my friends who had dyed a lot of other people's hair and she said she would be able to do it.

So we went to the drug store and bought the "Vibrant Fuchsia" and the tools we needed to dye just the random pieces in my hair. We went back to her house and I was a little nervous at this point because it could ruin my hair. She starts dying the sections of my hair and she only did about four random pieces. Everything was going good and we let the color set in my hair.

When we decided to take it out, what did we realize? My whole head was pink! I guess the color must have soaked through completely. It is not an understatement when I say it was vibrant pink. I began to panic because if the day couldn't get any worse, I realized I had work the next day. My work has a policy where we have to look acceptable, and trust me this was not acceptable. My parents picked me up from her house and I kept a hood over my head. When my mom realized what I did, she laughed, over and over again.

The next day, I needed to fix my hair, so I went back to the drug store and got a dark brown hair dye. I went back to my house and began to dye my hair. I must have done a horrible job because when I got to work, I covered the top layer of my hair, but there were random pink pieces underneath. I had to wait a couple days before I could dye it again.

Never will I ever let myself dye my hair a vibrant color again. I now have complete trust in my hairdresser because she has never screwed up as bad as I did.