African American Hair

I will break every myth you have ever heard about African American hair. We will be covering the bases of regular wash and care, the maintenance relaxer and healthy choices.

So what is good hair? That's the common questing that goes around the black community. Everyone has their opinion as to what the real answer is. I'm going to shut it down with one simple answer, not just for African Americans, but for everyone.

Thick and Healthy

Just because it's straight doesn't mean it's great. People go around thinking that they have the best hair because it has length. Yet their hair has no shine, it's brittle, has split ends and no bounce. It's just simply dry and dead. I'm going to give you a few tips and trick and rules to go by so that you can have thick and healthy hair.

Regular Wash

  1. When washing your hair, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that specifies your needs (dry scalp, dandruff etc.)
  2. While washing your hair, don't focuses on making sure the soap is on every inch of hair. Get to the root of the problem, meaning your roots. Focus on the base of your hair and get in good with your roots because that's where all the dirt and grime is collecting.
  3. After you are done with shampooing your hair and you put the conditioner in your hair, make it a point to get everything even on your edges. If you don't own a wide tooth comb, get one because when you put conditioner in your hair, you need to comb it through, starting from the bottom to the top, meaning from your ends and working your way to the roots.
  4. Next, you put a cap on your head and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes. If you don't own a personal under head dryer, then sit with the cap on your head for about an hour and then go to wash out your hair.

Dry and Care

  1. There's a trick to not only minimizing the static in your hair, but also over frying it from heat. You simply let your hair air dry for a bit so it's mostly dry and go through it with a blow dryer.
  2. Before your start flat ironing, you must spray heat protectant throughout your
  3. The you carry out with your regular straightening routine.

The maintenance relaxer

  1. Always base your hair with a good basting cream (no Vaseline)
  2. When doing your hair, never put the relaxer from root to tip, only the roots because that's where the new growth is.
  3. Once you get the relaxer in your head, get a rat tail comb and comb through in layers to make sure that it's all smoothed out. Immediately wash it out.

Healthy Choices

  • Any time you put heat to your hair, always use a heat protectants.
  • Don't always go to the highest temperature on any heat styling tool. Go halfway
  • Only get relaxers every three months.
  • Wash every two weeks
  • Get a trim every 2-3 months. You have to kill hair to grow hair.
  • Never let a relaxer sit in your hair for any time. Always wash it out after smoothing out. By doing so you won't over process your hair.
  • Don't put oils and shine product in your hair. African Americans have natural oils in their hair so there's no need for it. So when you do add it in, your're only making your hair get dirtier faster.
  • Finally, minimize how much heat you put in your hair. As an African American woman, the way I minimize using heat is by only using it after washing my hair and always wrapping it up at night so that it stays fresh. That way I won't need to use heat.
  • Follow these steps and you too can have thick and healthy hair.