Self Haircut Gone Wrong

It all started about a little over a year ago. Side bangs and layers were all the rage at my school and I wanted them too! I asked my mother to get me some, but she kept on putting it off saying, "Maybe next week Laurin." Finally I got sick and tired of waiting and decided to do them myself. Little did I know it would turn out disastrous.

After a long day of school and then babysitting, I sat down on the floor of my room in front of a mirror with a pair of old craft scissors. I thought I could do it to look just like the girls in the magazines, but boy, was I wrong!

See, I already have very fine, thin hair. So you can just imagine what it would look like when I attempted to cut layers with my razor blade. Clump after clump fell to the floor until I had achieved the layers I wanted, but my remaining hair was so thin you could see right through it!

Next, I tackled my bangs. I had watched several YouTube videos on how to cut bangs, so I was pretty confident. I was so excited to start! Like I said, I sat down with my craft scissors I got in kindergarten, yes kindergarten, and started cutting away at my hair. Basically in the end I ended up just cutting my hair in a completely straight line across my forehead an inch or so above my eyebrows. They looked terrible!!

The next morning I tried to hide it by throwing my hair into a ponytail and pinning my sorry excuse for bangs back. I thought I was sneaky enough to get away with not showing my mom for at least one day, but no! Of course she noticed! I was so ashamed of them when she requested I take my hair down so she could see. It looked terrible and I knew it!

Then came school. Most kids in my class didn't even notice until a few of my closer friends called out, "Hey! I see you got a haircut!" They meant well, but all it did was embarrass me. I shot out a quick, "Yeah..." and slipped out the door towards my locker. Looking in the mirror I sighed. "Why didn't I just leave my hair alone!!"

After several minutes of fussing with my hair, hair spraying it, pulling it back, and putting bobby pins in, I headed back to class. It was a long day, and so were the following days until they grew out.

Now, a little over a year later, I am still repairing my hair from that one terrible night. It is still as fine as ever with my old, long, extremely stupid layers in it, but it is getting better. I plan on purchasing some beautiful, long extensions soon to help with my whole hair situation, but until then I have to suffer through the terrible haircut I gave to myself that one dreadful night.