Worst Hair Care Experience Ever

I want to share the absolute WORST salon experience ever!

I went to get a perm and a trim a few years back. First off, the lady did not trim my hair, she literally cut it about two or three inches off! I was so mad, and what made it worse was the perm.

By now I knew that my hair wouldn't turn out the way I wanted it too because my hair was too short and a perm wasn't going to help with that! I paid this woman to do it, so I just went with the flow.

While she was perming my hair, I kept repeating that the chemicals were dripping down my neck. She just simply said, "Oh, it's okay, don't worry."

I knew it wasn't just okay. When I got back home, I realized my neck kept having a tight feeling and it was stinging. I took a mirror and looked at it and my neck was burned from my hairline to my collarbone.

I cried and cried that my hair looked terrible short and my neck had such a burning sensation along with red blotchiness. I immediately called the company and complained. They apologized and said they would take care of it and paid me $300. My hair hasn't grown back since then.