Fun Hairstyles

It's always fun to dye your hair and play with it and find what works for you. If you are anything like me, you get bored with your hair quickly. You dye it, you highlight it, you cut it and you add to it to give yourself a boost of confidence.

I play with my hair at least once a month. Everyone should play with their hair because our hair is our look. Our hair tells people a lot about who we are. It adds flair to our style or finishes our look. Now I'm going to tell you fun and easy ways to mix up your everyday hair safely with the least amount of damage.

Bobby-pins - Bobby pins are fun, easy, and inexpensive. I have found many new looks with just a box of bobby pins. They enhance an up do. They can add volume to your everyday style. Most of all they are the safest way to mix it up with your hair.

Clip-on hair extensions - Hair extensions are an amazing tool. They can give you a whole new look of longer or thicker hair. Clip-on extensions are the way to go. You can take them out at the end of the day. They are safe and easy. They can dramatically change short hair to long, flowing hair, or they can take thin, long hair and make it thick and luxurious.

Accessories - You can add a flower to your hair or maybe a headband. Hair crystals are an elegant way to spice up your hair. Feathers can add a hip flair to your style. Those changes are subtle, yet make you feel a little different for the day. They are super simple and can be found pretty much anywhere. They can really brighten your look.

Temporary Dye - Temporary hair color can give you the jolt of color you need for a few days. You want to try out a new color but are not sure if you will like it or not? With temporary hair color the actual particles of color adhere to the outer lay of the hair shaft and that is why it can be removed from the hair with shampoo. The color does not change the natural color of the hair in any way. It will only coat the hair. It's a great way to experiment with little damage.

Highlights - I personally love highlights. You can make them subtle or extreme; it's all up to you. Whatever your hair shade is, you can add one or more highlights to add texture or to enhance your look or style. Highlights are a great way to mix it up with your hair when you are just tired of your bland color and want to add some tones for the season.

These are just a few safe tips to the endless possibilities to mixing up your look. The choices we have and the options are limitless. It all ends with your imagination. So grab some extensions and some bobby pins and start finding that little thing that gives you the spark that puts a smile on your face and confidence in your heart. Overall confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. Enjoy!! Temporary Hair Dye Info