Quick Hair Fixer Uppers!

Ever wake up with gum or any other candy in your hair? I have! Instead of going straight for the scissors and chopping off your hair, take some peanut butter and apply it to the gummed area using long strokes, working your way down to the ends of your hair. I know, it sounds gross.

If there is a lot of gum, use a lot of peanut butter. You want to use creamy rather than crunchy peanut butter because of the oil content. The gum should start to dissolve in the peanut butter. Wash your hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner routine.

There are several other ways to get the gum out of your hair using cooking oils such as Canola, Vegetable and Olive oils. You can also go to your local drug or medical store and buy adhesive remover.

Have you ever woken up late and didn't have time to do your everyday hair routine? These quick little tricks can help you look your best in minimal time!

This look takes about five to 10 minutes depending on how much you have to work with. This look works best if you tease your hair just for a little lift. Take a small to medium section of hair at the crown and pull it to the side and up, creating a stylish bump. You can pin it with a couple bobby pins or a cute clip.

Braided hair seems too cheesy and so fifth grade? NOT! This sassy style is great for several occasions and looks like it took you hours to create. Make a simple, yet loose and to-the- side braid. Let some pieces flow out around your face. Apply little shine serum to a couple of the flowing pieces to add a little extra oomph!

This cute, yet very nice look is one of my personal favorite. The poof! You can create ?the poof? with some cute clips, mouse and a couple bobby pins for extra security. Create a poof by teasing the section and amount of hair you want, not to crazy, but just enough to own this look.

Pin the poof to the middle or top of your head and spray a small amount of hair spray or even some shine serum to the poof. Try not to make it have a slicked look. You want it to be flowing and natural. Take your hair, whether is straight, wavy or curly, and use your fingers to comb through some mouse from root to tip. Let it dry. No brushing is needed for this look.

Beachy waves! I love the going to the beach in the summer. It's my go-to place! And instead of throwing your hair up in a bun or ponytail, wave it! Take a curling iron and make loose curls. Take a mouse and apply it evenly to the curls. Next, take a wide-toothed comb or your fingers and gently comb it through the curls. This will break the curls up and create a wavier look. Do this until you have created the desired wave look. Spritz on some shine serum and hit the beach!

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