Bad Hair Day/Hair Care Tips

I had the "Bad Hair Day" to end ALL bad hair days. It was the tail end of last semester (mid-Dec '11). Senior project had successfully passed and I was in dire need of some root touch up before a family/holiday reunion. My hair was then an off black hue with Ombre died copper ends.

At this time I was considering going the Gulianna Ransik, beige-blonde Ombre route. Long story short, my usual hair lady was booked until a week after the family event and one of the girls from my senior class, who had done quite a nice senior project on cosmetology, offered to do it for me. She told me that she could easily continue the Ombre that was already lightened into my hair with bleach and darken my roots for $50, which was the cost for the supplies from Sally's.

This is where my radar should have gone off, like "Uhm…HELLO," off black to blonde in one sitting? I think not. Thinking that it was a good, cheap and easy quick fix to my hair-dilemma was an $800 mistake. I had failed to realize that all of her pictures of the hair she had done were one-toned jobs. Simple, one toned jobs. They looked nice and her confidence in telling me she had "done this before" won me over.

I ended up sitting in her bathroom for a grand total of six hours. She managed to turn my hair CLOWN RED with bleached "hot spots" that looked like thumb prints all over my head. She bleached my roots WHITE BLONDE on the underneath and bleached my roots golden blonde.

She tangled my hair horribly, putting in MicroBead extensions the WRONG way, and only putting in a row of 20. Continuously throughout the "appointment" she said "Oh, your hair just hates bleach, it's not doing well at all," then continued to go on about how she did one of our mutual friends' sisters' hair and how she paid $200 for "no reason" according to the amateur hair dresser. My hair looked like Strawberry Shortcake's for the family reunion.

It's safe to say that I won't forget this particular one for a while, considering all the family pictures we took. It has taken six trips over the past few months to correct my hair. Between bleaching, highlighting and conditioning treatments, as well as re-toning all to the cost has been about $800 and it is still NOT DONE. I learned that you should never take the "cheap route" when it comes to hair and NEVER have anyone without a license come close to touching your tresses.

Hair tips I've learned through the years:

  • Adding whipped cream to split ends temporarily mends them for events, photos etc.
  • Spraying Hydrogen Peroxide on hair with a spray bottle over time will bring out natural highlights.
  • Dark eye shadow (for dark hair with light roots) is a quick emergency root cover up.
  • Curling hair helps to add distracting definition when you've had a color slip-up.
  • Fish-tail braiding wet hair and letting it dry overnight gives you a Taylor Swift/ mermaid wave when you wake up.