Macadamia and Moroccan Oil Product

There is always a new product on the market for hair. First it was Moroccan Oil and now it's Macadamia Oil products. I personally have tried both brands and I have seemed to fall in love with both. The macadamia is a favorite in beauty magazines. According to, the natural oil combines the nutritious properties of South Pacific macadamia oil with Moroccan argan oil to nourish and replenish hair and scalp health. It's ideal for dry or damaged hair types.

This macadamia hair care collection includes a shampoo, an oil treatment, a masque, a leave-in cream and an oil infused comb. The Moroccan collection is by the brand Organix and the collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment and much more. It works great at reducing frizz and keeping your hair the way you want it without getting greasy.

I was worried about hair becoming too oily because my hair does that with most products if I use too much, but not with this one. It smells great too. I have also noticed that I can go longer between haircuts as it helps with split ends too. You only need about a dime-sized amount, so the 3.4 oz. bottle will last you forever. My hair is now so much smoother, healthier and much more manageable. Hair dries faster and looks so shiny.

This stuff is literally a liquid-gold miracle product! If you have fine hair, definitely get the Moroccan Oil Light. I have somewhat thick hair, but I use the light version as it does not weight my hair down as much. Love it. So worth the money. For the macadamia it is cheaper and more people seem to enjoy it. I got this for Christmas and I'm addicted. I towel dry my hair a bit, then put the oil in before I blow dry and it's less tangled, soft, light, shiny and best of all-not greasy!

I've used it every day so far, but I should save some of it to make it last longer. I also use a tiny bit more when I'm done straightening it for a smooth finish. It also makes hair healthier and more manageable and smells great! I should've got this a while ago. Every time I get my hair cut, about every two months, my stylist insists on using it every time. She loves to use it before she blow dries my hair straight. It leaves my hair with no frizz or fly-aways.

You can also use it to style. I watched a video on YouTube from Fashionlaugh and she was saying that after you blow dry, you can use a little oil to make nice waves by just twisting the ends of your hair. After I watched the tutorial, I tried it and I do this hairstyle about every day. I hope this review is helpful for someone. My overall review is that they are both great products, but I personally would pick Macadamia Oil.


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