From Inverted Bob to Side Bun

As my wedding was rapidly approaching in June of 2011, I found myself like many other brides having a hair and makeup trial run. I have hair that's an inch shorter than my chin and cut into an inverted bob. While I have loved this style for years, it didn't present the long, beautiful curls I longed for on my wedding day. I purchased a set of Pro Extensions from a local salon and from that moment on I was convinced I could complete my own wedding up do.

I began with a 3/4 inch curling iron, curl spray and hairspray. I sectioned off my own hair starting with the back. I alternated the curl pattern with my curling iron. I repeated the same with the sides, spraying each section with my curl spray prior to curling. I finished with a light hair spray all over. When I curl my hair to wear it up, I always alternate my curl pattern. By doing so I am able to have more volume in my natural hair and it blends seamlessly with my extensions.

I curl each clip-in extension using the same alternating pattern. I use the same curl protectant spray and hairspray on my extensions that I do on my own hair. After all of my extensions are curled, I run my fingers through the curls on my head to separate each curl. I repeat with the extensions.

I begin clipping in my extension sets 1/4 inch from the base of my hairline. I place them slightly to the right as that's the side I wear my bun. Once all of my extensions are in, I begin to bobby pin. For this hairstyle, I always work from the bottom up. By doing so, I can leave several curls loose to give a great, overall look.

I flip over my head and starting at my left ear, I lightly twist a section of my hair under. I pin this section with the bobby pins so the inside of the twist is secure from the inside. I continue to side sweep and pin each section in the same manner, ensuring that they are left loose so you can see the curl pattern.

Once all of my extensions are pinned, I lift the few longest curls and pin the very ends into the center of all of the side swept hair. I then touch up a few curls that I have left around my face to add a very soft and romantic look to this style.

The key is to curl your extensions and your hair with the same curl pattern and the same size curling iron. When the extensions are pinned along with your actual hair, the look is seamless. In the photos above, my shortest layer is 2.5 inches at the top of my head. By using this method and lightly twisting my hair and the extensions together, the look is virtually seamless; giving me the wedding hair I have always dreamed of.