Tips On How To Manage Red Hair

Before you decide to color your hair red, you should decide how long you want to stay a red head. There are two ways you can go with dying your hair red and that is permanent or semi-permanent.

If you do not think you will want to keep the red in for a long period of time, then you should go with semi-permanent. Now that red hair has become a trend, there is more of a variety of semi-permanent red colors than there was a few months ago.

Once you choose the color that you want, make sure you keep in mind that red color does leave stains. Make sure that when you begin the coloring process that you cover the floor up with newspaper or some sort covering. Also make sure that you put Vaseline around your hairline and ears so that you won't have red stains on them. Once the color is on, make sure you do not over process the color because it will result in a very dark and flat color.

When it is time to rinse the color out, ignore the direction that says to rinse until water runs clear. It is almost impossible for that to happen and if it does, you will rinse out most of the color. Rinse your hair until the water runs a pale reddish color, leaving a little bit of dye in your hair. As you may know, red hair is the hardest color to keep in. It will fade very quickly compared to other colors. In other words, having red color will require a little bit more upkeep so this is something you should also consider before committing to this color.

You may want to use old, darker towels every time you wash your hair. If you have a semi-permanent dye, your hair can stain your pillow cases at first. Also be careful with the neck lines of t-shirts. To have longer lasting results, make sure you wash your hair with cool water EVERY time. Warm or hot water will strip the red out quicker.

Make sure you purchase some color shampoo and conditioner from a professional store. You may think they do not work, but they really help out. Also, make sure you maintain healthy hair by getting regular trims and deep conditioning treatments. Because of how frequently you have to dye your hair to keep up with the red, your ends will become split and your hair shafts will become weaker.

Some people may or may not agree with this, but you may not want to wash your hair as frequently. Every time you wash your hair you are removing color, which would mean your hair color will fade faster, which also means you have to color your hair more often. So in essence, the more you wash your hair, the more damages you will face.

When you think about choosing a red hair color, you do not think of all the different factors that may lead you to not wanting it anymore. You must put in a lot of work to maintain such a vibrant color, and you must be 100 percent committed to ensure positive results.