The Curly Gene

So I guess it is true that we all want what we don't have. Girls with straight hair want curly hair and girls with curly hair want straight hair. I have to say I'm guilty of that. I suffer from the "curly gene." I?m a Latin girl with curly hair, and let me tell you it's not easy keeping my hair nice. It?s pretty much impossible! Ever since I was really little, I've struggled with frizzy, thick, curly hair. I still remember kids making fun of me in elementary school. They would call me Cave Man, poodle, fluff ball, you name it. I would literally try EVERYTHING to make my hair not so curly, but as a 9-year-old little girl, I had no luck in finding the cure for my "curly gene."

Then I started middle school and discovered my life saver- THE FLAT IRON. I had never felt so happy before. This was like the new chapter in my life, or so I thought. From that day on I was flat ironing my hair everyday till eighth grade. I didn't even care it took me an hour to do it all. Three years of burning my hair didn't really help my "curly gene.? It even made it worse due to the fact that I now had my hair full of split ends. It was a hot mess! My hair was now frizzier than before. It was stiff, dead and nasty. Even when it was straight it didn't look like how I wanted it to. Finally my mom was tired of seeing my hair like this and she had a solution. I had no other choice than to go with it. She took me to cut my hair. She told the hair dresser to cut off all my dead ends. Once she was done, I took a look at the mirror and I wanted to cry and scream! My hair was gone! The lady cut my hair up to my neck. Without saying anything I ran out.

I couldn't live with the fact that I was now going to have short hair. Let me just say short, curly hair isn't easy to manage. During that summer I was using horse shampoo because my cousin had told me it made her hair grow faster. When I started high school, my hair was longer, but seeing all these girls with their long, pretty hair made me miss mine. For half of my freshmen year, I used product after product to try and make my hair grow, but I was very unlucky.

Finally one day my mom suggested hair extensions. At first I was a little unsure, so I went on You Tube and started looking at hair extensions reviews. I came up on one that caught my eye. The video was by "MAKEUPBYMELL" called "HAIR EXTENSIONS." In this video, the girl was talking about her new 24 inch hair extensions she had purchased from Pro Extension. I decided to check out the website and saw some for $99. It was like love at first site. I wanted them! So for that Christmas, that was on top of my list.

We purchased my extensions on a Tuesday and got them the next day. I loved them so much! I found that curling them with a thin curly iron would make them look like my natural hair. I also found that the extensions covered most of the dead ends on my natural hair. But my favorite hairstyle was just doing beachy waves on them, by using a two inch wand.

Maybe my hair extensions didn't cure my "curly gene," but it definitely made it look better than ever. But what did cure my "curly gene" was just learning to love and accept the fact that not all of us have the prefect hair. Maybe we do try to hide our natural hair most of the time, but as long as we're happy, it shouldn't even matter!