Weave and Wonderful - A Hair Experiment

I am a 15-year-old aspiring hair stylist. I am always looking for new and trendy hairstyles. I have never worn weaves or extensions before, but the weird thing is that I know exactly how to style someone's hair with weave. I have learned so much from watching Youtube tutorials of other women and even younger girls trying new styles. I love seeing new hairstyles with bold and luminous colors. Watching these women apply weaves to their own heads makes me want to run to my local beauty supply store and pick up some extensions, although I can't for various reasons.

But when it comes to Waterfall Braids, Cornrows, French braids, Twists, "Cinnabon" Buns, Faux Buns, Quick Weaves, A-line Cut Bobs, Feathers, Curls, Mohawks, Bangs, Sculptured Ponytails and other do's, there are so many colors to enhance the style even further. All of the lengths and volumes of hair are out of this world.

Although I've never had weaves or extensions, which I plan to get soon, I have had clip-in bangs. In my opinion, clip-in hair bangs, as well as clip-in hair extensions, are probably one of the best creations regarding hair. I love these because people who cannot get weaves yet, have sensitive scalps, etc., can wear these and still look as beautiful as girls with long, pretty hair. The worries of never being able to wear weaves and extensions are thrown out of the window.

Even younger girls and teenagers like me wear them and can change up their look every day. Personally, I prefer clip-in bangs with human hair because you can style them, change them from straight to curly and you can dye them any color you want. I have seen girls wear their hair blonde and the next day they'd show up with reddish hair.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHANGING MY HAIRSTYLES! I try to NOT keep the same hairstyle for more than 14 days; but if for any reason this happens, I try to freshen up my look every day. For instance, if I've had straight hair for about 2 1/2 weeks, I grab my clip-in bang and spice up my look a little bit. There is absolutely no excuse for a bad hair day and there's always a style that will overpower your "bad hair."

Hair tips for girls like me who want to avoid bad hair days:

  • Like I said before, if you've had straight hair for about two weeks and you want to change it up ASAP, grab your clip-in bang (whatever color it is) and have a blast!
  • If your hair is curled and you decide to change it up after a while, instead of making drastic changes by straightening it or whatever else, just take some hair pins, a comb, brush and a little hair spray. Pin it up on the sides and you've got yourself a rocking Mohawk!
  • If you have long, straight hair and want a little curl but you don't want a full head of curls, take your curling iron or flat iron and lightly curl your ends outward to have a kind of Farrah Fawcett look!
  • If your hair is short, like shaved around the sides and hair on top, buy some clip-in bangs that aren't your hair color, part your hair on the top and place them on the part so it will look like you have highlights!