Becky 2.0

So there I was, staring at myself through the mirror. I didn't recognize myself. I felt like a whole new person.

"I can't believe you did this, Becky," said my friend Andrea when I told her what I had done. "You're like, a changed women."

And I was. I was a completely new and improved Becky. Becky 2.0, if you must. Just this simple change had completely turned around my whole life. My attitude was different, my perspective on life was different and the best part ? the way men looked at me was different.

This was it. This was the year I was going to get myself a boyfriend and hopefully a husband so I could finally start my life. My mom would be so pleased.

"Wait till she sees me," I thought to myself. "Maybe now she won't treat me as "the ugly duckling" of the family. Maybe now she'll be proud of me."

I stepped out of my apartment complex and into the big, beautiful new world. I walked confidently down the street watching the admiring glances of the passersby.

"Yeah, take a long look. Because this Becky is here to stay," I thought smugly.

I strolled into Starbucks and ordered the first thing I saw on the menu. Screw my normal, boring, everyday cappuccino. I was a changed woman with a changed drink...a Venti Java Chip Frappuccino with 16 shots of espresso, to be exact.

"Oh my Lord!" I said to myself after one sip.

"Well maybe not everything had to change," I said as I threw my drink away and ordered my usual.

I walked into my office complex and soaked in all the stares.

"I guess everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame after all," I joked to my coworker who was too busy awing at my new style.

I sat down at my desk and smiled to myself. This was by far the best purchase I had ever made.

I snuck a glance over at Josh, the tech guy at my office. I caught him staring at me and I whipped my head back fast, swooshing my hair in a romantic movie type way. This was the best day of my life.

Josh was, let's see if I could explain... he was... quiet and hardworking and we barely spoke a word to each other, but the chemistry between us was more than Albert Einstein could ever imagine. And today, I could feel that chemistry growing. Today was going to be the day that he sauntered over to my cubicle and asked me out. Today was going to be the day that he realized I was the girl for him. I was his other half, his rock, his peanut butter to my jelly.

And it was all because of these gorgeous, luxurious, most amazing things ever created... my 20-inch Pro Extensions.

"Spill, now," said my co-worker Carol as she walked over to my desk.

"What?" I said smugly, knowing perfectly well what she was talking about.

Without waiting for a response, I started rambling on about my newfound purchase.

"Well, if you must know, I got hair extensions!" I squealed like a teenager.

"I was just searching the internet the other day and this website popped up, like it was meant to be! I didn't think much of it when I clicked on the link, but the moment my eyes laid on the Pro Premier Remy 20 inch extensions, I knew I was in love. I had to get them! And guess what else? They had free overnight shipping! It was most definitely meant to be."

"I have got to get myself a pair," said Carol.

Soon, a whole crowd of my short-haired co-workers were huddled around my desk, asking questions, touching my hair and staring in jealously.

Everyone wanted my extensions.

"I was starting a trend. By next year, every person walking down the runway in New York will have these extensions!" I thought as I flipped my gorgeous locks.

Author Biography

Becky 2.0
By Annaliese L.

Hi! I'm Annaliese. I'm 15 years old and I love horseback riding, modeling, hanging out with friends, and writing. I'm on my school newspaper and I want to be an investigative journalist when I get older. I love animals and I'm obsessed with Justin Bieber. My dream is to meet him one day. I also love doing hair. My friends are constantly asking me to do their hair during class. I love it, but the teachers aren't too fond of it, haha. And I can't wait till I get my Pro Extensions!