Grow Longer Hair

So you're probably looking at the title of this article and thinking "yeah right." Ever have those moments where you look in the mirror and go, "My hair will never grow?" Well, I used to too. Hair is what makes a girl feel good, especially long hair. I used to have long hair when I was younger, but I started treating my hair bad. I put water and gel on it every day and put it in a bun. Little did I know this was damaging my hair and preventing it from growing.

I thought about getting a weave, but I heard those were damaging as well. Finally I found this website I ordered the 14-inch clip-ons and when I got them and placed them in my hair, I immediately fell in love with them. But deep inside something was still bothering me. The hair wasn?t my own. I wanted this to be my hair, not clip-ons. Finally I decided that I had to set a goal and this goal was to grow my hair as long as my clip-ons. Ladies, I have been following this regimen for two years now and I am glad to say that my goal is almost complete. Here are a few tips for longer hair. Trust me when I say that if you follow this you will indeed see improvement in your hair!

  1. Take pictures of your hair every month to monitor your hair's progress.
  2. Start with a fresh cut or trim! I know a lot of people who refuse to cut their hair but you have to! If your ends are severely damaged, meaning thin or have split ends, they have to be taken care of. You have to cut those off and start new. Prevent split ends before they start because you can't repair split ends regardless of what a product promises. It may be able to maintain your hair from getting more damaged, but it won't undo the damage that's already been done.
  3. Don't shampoo every day! Shampoo one or two times per week. Shampoo is meant to clean your hair. If you shampoo every day you won't be able to retain your natural hair oils, which are essential in growth.
  4. When washing your hair, don't pile all of it on the top of your head. This will cause tangling and breakage. Deep condition with protein and moisture. I know a lot of brands promise things like volume or curliness, etc. Look for conditioners that have protein in it. Protein helps rebuild your weak strands and helps your hair to grow. A good example of protein is APHOGEE or hair mayonnaise. As for moisturizing deep conditioners, they keep your hair nice and soft. A good example is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. You should deep condition your hair with plastic cap at least once a week. Your own body heat makes your hair hot underneath the plastic cap
  5. Use a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair. This will moisturize, detangle and protect the hair when heat styling. like when you use a blower or flat or curling iron. They also prevent breakage and protect the hair from weather damage.
  6. Don't use products containing petrolatum and mineral oil to moisturize your hair. Stay away from alcohol-based products as these will lead to hair that is dry and can break. Examples of this are hair spray, gels, etc. If you have to use them, don't use them every day.
  7. Never use bristle brushes on wet hair. Always detangle wet hair with a wide tooth comb.
  8. Don't over process your hair and limit the use of direct heat. Don't dye it every month or use the flat iron everyday
  9. Be patient! Hair normally grows 3/4 to 1/2 inch per month. Be patient and give your hair all the love and attention it needs.
  10. Consider it as a thin piece of string. You wouldn't want that string to break, but instead to last long and be healthy just like your hair!