Worst Hair Cut Ever

This was in second grade, I was in school one day combing my hair with a comb. One of my friends saw me and decided she wanted to curl my hair. At first I wasn't really sure if that was a good idea, but then she said she would make me look extra pretty, so my crush would notice me for once.

Well, at first it was coming out so good. All my hair was coming out very wavy. I loved it. She started from the bottom of my head and worked her way up. It was going good until she had to do my bangs and again my instincts told me that wasn't a good idea. She was very convincing, so I let her do my bangs, which is the pretty hilarious part of this story. She tried to make my bangs kind of like Marilyn Monroe, but instead they came out looking like part of snoop dogs afro and the comb was stuck to my hair the whole day.

She was right my crush did notice me, but with a comb stuck on my bangs, he laughed at me. I cried the whole day. Well, I had that comb on my hair until my dad picked me up from school. He laughed at me and said, "What happened to you?" I told him what had happened and all he did was laugh and then explained to me to never let my friends do my hair ever again. I laughed at that because every girl loves getting their hair done, especially by their friends. My dad ending up taking the comb out of my hair and the whole time my dad was taking out the comb, I could see my crush laughing at me with his friends. So when my dad was done, I told him I forgot something in class.

My dad went to the truck while I headed to my crush and I slapped him so hard his cheeks were red in less than five seconds. Believe me, I counted and now his friends were laughing at him. I walked away and left to head to the truck and my dad laughed at me. He said, "I saw everything. That's my girl. No boys until you're a grandma." We pinky promised. The next week on Monday my crush told me he liked me and asked me if I liked him. Guess what I said? "No!" I walked away and yelled, "Peace out!" Till this day that guy is still head over heels for me!