April Fools

Hey guys. My name is Ebony and here is my story. I was talking to my girl, Allison, who loves everything that has to do with hair. She is a hair fanatic. Since it was April Fool's Day and Allison got me good last year, it was my turn to get her - or should I say her hair.

Allison wants longer hair and she tries every remedy out there to try to make her hair grow faster and longer. One day I went on Microsoft Word and made a fake article about putting mayonnaise, apple cider, cinnamon and pepper in your hair to make it grow longer and faster. To make the article look even more realistic, I went out to Sally's and bought extensions. Too bad I did not know about www.proextensions.com because those extensions cost a fortune!

I called up Allison and said, "Yo! Allison, you have got to see this article about making your hair grow longer and faster. My hair is already down to my boobs!" Allison said, "I'll be right there!

I fell to the floor laughing because I could not wait to prank this girl. The thing is, I was nervous because what if she caught me and she knew what I was up to and what if somehow my prank backfired? I had to calm down, so I decided what better way to calm down than drink some liquor?

I went to my cabinet and pulled out my lucky purple and pink shot glasses and my extra lucky bottle of liquor and started the drinking. I became drunk. The rest of what happened seemed to be a blur, but let me tell you it was NOT good! I remember wandering around the house then I fell over nothing. I remember trying to get up and I grabbed on this article from a magazine on how to make your hair grow longer and faster.

I was excited! The doorbell rang. I answered it and Allison stepped in, asking about the article I found. I showed it to her and we got set up immediately on her hair and on mine. I sat down and said to Allison, "I want to go first!" She said, "But your hair is already long from it. You want it longer than that?"

I, being a drunken idiot, said, "Oh no, these are clip-ins, see?" I took out my clip-ins and I do remember VERY clearly the look on Allison's face because she knew what I had tried to pull. She knew that right now I was drunk and this would be like taking candy from a baby.

Allison said in the sweetest voice, "Ok, Ebony. You want to go first? I'll hook you up!" Keep in mind that my hair is overly processed and when I stopped being mad at Allison, she told me that she didn't just put all that in my hair, but she also put hydrogen peroxide in too, which is what probably made my hair do what it did.

All I remember after that is me waking up with a headache to Allison laughing at me. I asked, "What are you laughing at?" She said, "Look in the mirror, Steve Harvey!" I got up and guess what? My hair was all gone, and when I rubbed my head it was sticky all over and when I smelled my hand it smelled like none other than apple cider, black pepper, mayonnaise, cinnamon and some other unknown scent. I didn't know then, but I know now that it was hydrogen peroxide. She laughed even harder at how wide my eyes were. Then she held up the article and said, "Your little plan backfired shawty!"

Then she said, "Oh, but wait. You do still have these." She walked back into my kitchen, got my extensions off the counter and said, "You best get to gluing." On her way out, I could hear her laughing all the way to her car. The lessons I learned were that I'm going to stop drinking and I AM DONE PULLING PRANKS ON ALLISON BECAUSE SOMEHOW I WILL FAIL!