Haircut Disaster

By Bethany C.
"Jessie, no!" I yelled as I was suddenly awakened from my usual Sunday nap. My 3 year- old sister stood next to me with scissors in one hand and a wad of my hair in the other. Furry flushed my body as I yanked the scissors out of her hands and went to look in the mirror. When I saw my reflection my heart stopped. The left side of my head was missing a huge chunk of hair.

Tears brimmed at my eyes. Prom was in less than a week and not just any prom, but my senior prom. This was my last dance as a high school student. I wanted to look stunning. That dream faded as I stared in disbelief in the mirror.

My mother entered, alarmed by my sudden cry. She touched the remaining hair on my left side and sighed. "I'm sorry sweetie. Well fix it."

I looked back at her, horrified. "How?" I asked.

She took me into the other room and typed something onto the computer. She began pulling up websites for hair extensions. I secretly prayed that this would work. We spent an hour looking for a good set. Some were too expensive while others were too poor quality. We finally found the website for Pro Extensions.

When we saw how affordable and high quality they were, my mom and I were overjoyed. This prom fiasco was going to be okay. We matched my hair color and ordered a set in dark golden blonde. I was so grateful when I saw the overnight shipping was free.

When my extensions arrived, I put them in immediately. You couldn't even tell that Jessie had cut out a huge portion of my hair. They blended perfectly and were so soft. The extra length was also appreciated.

Prom night finally came. As I walked down the stairs dressed in my satin gown and extensions, I felt so beautiful. It ended up being one of the best dances I ever went to and one of my favorite high school memories. All I have to say is thanks Pro Extensions for saving me from my prom horror!