Cinderella Story

By Claire P.
A Cinderella StoryWhen I was a junior, I was asked to prom by my best friend, whom I secretly had been in love with for years. I didn’t hesitate to say yes immediately and even proceeded to do some kind of dorky dance, which I regretted instantaneously. However, I tried to play it cool and spent no time waiting to order my dress.

Prom was a month away and I, like every girl, had to find the one dress that screamed, “Hey look at me!” without trying too hard. After hours of searching and tedious website browsing, I found the one. It was a pink frock with a Grecian bodice with sequins weaved between the draping. It was gorgeous! At the time, I had dark brown hair and was incredibly pale, so I knew it would be a hit!

After hitting the order button online and putting in my information, all I had to do was wait the 10-12 business days it took for the dress to ship. And I waited and waited and waited. It was two days before the dance and I was dress less! I didn’t know what to do or how I was even going to be able to go. Right before I was going to cancel on my date, my mother called me into the living room and told me she had a surprise. Wiping away my tears, I trudged down the staircase only to find my mother surrounded by thirteen dresses.

One of her friends from work was a pageant mom whose daughter just happened to be my size! I went from having no options to having too many to choose! There was everything from leopard print to lavender to aqua and gold. However, the minute I put on the black dress, I knew it was the one. While it wasn’t exactly how I thought my prom experience would go, I wouldn’t change it for anything! I received so many compliments on the black dress I almost completely forgot the pink one that arrived one week later. At prom I felt like a princess and even though it wasn’t how I imagined it, I know I still looked like one!