Winter Wonderland

By Katie C.
Winter WonderlandI had high hopes for my senior prom. My junior prom was amazing, so I expected my senior prom would follow suit. I could not have been more wrong.

The pre-prom preparations started off well enough. Two of my best friends and I went out of town and bought our dresses- but not before we spent hours trying on an endless variety of styles, colors and fabrics.

I finally settled on a ball-gown style dress. The bottom was made of poofy crinoline with red and silver sequins sprinkled in. The top was red satin with a laced corset back. It was absolutely gorgeous, and everything I dreamed my dress would be.

The day of the prom was really cold, but it was mid-April in Indiana and this wasn’t unusual. At that point my biggest concern was whether or not I needed to find a shawl to cover my shoulders, or if I could brave the crisp temperatures long enough to dart in and out of the car as needed.

I went to my scheduled hair appointment and watched as the stylist artfully braided red flowers into my hair and created a cascade of curls.

At home, I slipped into my beautiful dress, applied my makeup and waited on my date to arrive. My date, who was three years older than myself, planned to drive us to my prom in his stepfather’s vintage Camaro.

However, when we got in the car to leave, it broke down in my dad’s driveway! Thankfully my grandmother let us borrow her car for the evening, but the thought of arriving at prom in an old-lady Buick was hardly ideal.

After we left my house, we had to go to my date’s mom’s house to take more pictures. As we were leaving her house, it started to snow! Having decided against any sort of shawl, I found myself in quite the predicament. Luckily my date’s mom was nice enough to let me borrow her winter coat, which just happened to be red, so at least it matched my dress.

Our drive to dinner took a bit longer than normal because of the snow, so we ended up arriving late to prom. But despite our lateness, ugly Buick and the bulky winter coat and snow, we ended up having a great night!