Nicole Wedding Story

Hey there, I'm Nicole - let me tell you a little bit about myself and my wedding!

I was the luckiest girl when I bagged my hot commodity, (lol) Jon, when we were married August 20, 2011. We had the most gorgeous wedding and the best time of my life. I am very lucky to be married to someone who is so good to me! It was such a beautiful and unique wedding that wedding websites, magazines, and even the venue (for advertisements) were requesting pictures from our big day. Here's a link to the well-known You can read our story from the beginning (of how he proposed) all the way until our woodsy outdoor wedding and reception (from butterflies to handmade brooch bouquets, woodsy accessories and more!). We also have our entire gallery of wonderful photos on another link from that site

I hoped you have enjoyed learning about our great wedding experience. It's so funny how I ran into this "chance" to win these hair extensions at Pro Extensions today (and on the last day of course to submit!). I was actually feeling a little low and honestly needing a pick-me-up as I began to thumb through this website looking for hair extensions. It must have been fate! As you can see in my wedding photos, I had gorgeous dark brown hair. It was all my own - my pride and joy. Since my wedding, however, my scalp plaque psoriasis has taken a vengeance over it. My hair is much thinner in areas…and my scalp, well, it's seen better days! I've had to go through the extremes of taking prescribed medications by self injections to keep my psoriasis stable. It really hurts my confidence as a woman at times and I find myself dwelling on what it used to be like. I would love to get some of the thickness/length back I once had and loved. I believe the simple idea of these extensions would make me feel as beautiful as I once was last year on my wedding day. Stress also hinders the stability of my scalp psoriasis, and unfortunately, I have a lot right now! My brother, Brenton (one of my handsome groomsmen!), has been diagnosed with AML (bone marrow leukemia) and is currently beginning his bone marrow transplant as we speak this month. He will have undergone much chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other tests before accepting a loving donor (which I unfortunately was not a match for). Wish him well! He is very full of life and love as you can see in my wedding pictures - and looking at them as I share them now makes me very happy!