Temilade Wedding Story

I walked into the ceremony and my jaw immediately dropped at the exquisiteness of the décor- the white curtains draped on the walls, the white lacey-looking tulle placed on the pew, the silver aisle runner and the splash of gold and silver here and there.

The church was so breathtaking; I lost my breath for a second. I thought, “Wow, this is amazing.” Little did I know that was just the beginning. The bride walked in and I almost started crying at how beautiful and stunning she looked. Each step she took was gracious and gentle. Her dress had lace trimmings and crystal detail at the waist band. It was a fish-looking style, very form-fitting, like it was made just for her.

I couldn't help but wonder what their story was. The ceremony went on peacefully and beautifully. I cried a bit when they said their vows to each other, which they wrote. In their vows, I sensed that they dealt with some tough obstacles in their relationship and the urge to find out their story was even more pressing.

On our way to the reception, I asked my boyfriend, who was the friend of the groom, what their story was. What he said just made me appreciate this couple even more.It turns out this couple is already married and this is their five-year anniversary renewal. They met at a party in 2005 and apparently the groom didn't even talk to her the first time they saw each other. They met because he took her number from a raffle ticket she filled out and proceeded to call her days after the party. He called her and after some initial, "Don't call me again because you stole my phone number" response, she finally agreed to go out with him (persistence pays sometimes).

And that began a loving, lasting relationship. The very romantic and inspiring part of their story is that the bride's parents didn't like him. In fact, her dad explicitly told her if she stayed with him, he would disown her (talk about a difficult situation). Anyway, they both decided to go ahead with the relationship and in February 2007, he proposed to her and she said yes (meanwhile her relationship with her dad was shaky because she stayed with him).

They got married in a small ceremony summer of 2007 (only her sisters and her pastor were present because her parents refused to come). For four years they both worked hard to show her dad that her husband is a good man and one that deserves his daughter's love and trust. In 2011, the bride and groom paid the bride's parents a visit to plead their case.

They decided they wanted to renew their vows in a traditional wedding ceremony because they didn't get to do that when they got married in 2007. Being that the bride's relationship with her parents (especially her dad) was already shaky, they didn't know what to expect. To their surprise and relief, they finally received the bride's parent’s blessings. The father told the groom he is glad they came to him because he knew he was wrong to put his daughter in such a difficult situation and he now sees that the groom truly loves and cherishes his daughter.

And a year after that, here we all are at their beautiful wedding, with both the groom and bride's parents smiling and celebrating with their children. I must say this wedding really inspired me and the story taught me that with love and hard work you can overcome anything.