Casey Wedding Story

As high school sweethearts, there was no doubt about my fiance and I's wedding colors... CAMO and ORANGE baby!

Now, I know what you're thinking. Redneck wedding with a bunch of beer cans and cut off shirts. But that is not true in our case. Being that we were both raised in the country, we are a little "hickish," but our wedding will be classy and respectable. We've set the date for October 20th.

We have selected mossy oak breakout camo with the hunter's safety orange for colors. The groom, groomsmen and ring bearer will be wearing camo vests with orange ties. The bridesmaids are wearing orange dresses with camo ribbons along the waist.

Now for the important part! The bride will wear a long, ivory silk dress with orange sequins with camo in the silt down the legs. Our flowers are going to be orange Tiger Lillies and dark sunflowers. Our ceremony will be conducted in front of a fire place with Tiger Lillies and deer antlers along the mantle. We have a 3D-inflatable deer for decoration.

And instead of the normal throwing bird seed and blowing bubbles, we have decided to let balloons filled with confetti loose and allow the groomsmen to pop the balloons in the air and let the confetti fall.

Our reception dinner will be a home-roasted hog that we will be serving as BBQ pork with baked beans and coleslaw. For drinks there will be your choice of lemonade, tea and water. We have every intention of making this a fun, eventful wedding and an experience people will never forget. And for people to realize camo can be classy too!