Diamond Wedding Story

My name is Diamond Martin and this isn't my story; it's my mom's. My mom told me how she met my step dad and it was really funny. But before we get there, my mom was a single mom taking care of me and my little brother all by herself. She was working as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. She has been serving her country for almost 20 years now and she has been a great mom for all 17 years of my life. When she met my step dad, I noticed a difference in her. She smiled more and wasn't as tired looking. It was as if she was starting her life all over again.

My mom met my step dad at the gym on base and from what she told me, she wasn't really paying him any attention. My step dad kept trying to get her eye and finally it paid off. She invited him over to the house after they had been dating for a little while. My brother and I were trying to give him a hard time when we first met him, trying to see what kind of person he was and if he was worthy of having her in his life. The funny thing is, my step dad invited my mom on a date at Red Lobster and thought it was just her coming, but it turned out to be her, my brother and me. You can imagine the look on his face. The funny thing is he doesn't eat seafood, so even though he did not eat anything, he paid the bill for all of us.

A couple of months after him coming around more, he came upstairs one night and showed me this big, beautiful ring and asked me if he could marry my mom. I was lost for words because I was used to it being just me and my mom and now that was going to change. But I wanted her to be happy so I said he could. While I was upstairs in my room, he asked her and I could hear my grandma yelling with joy. My mom said yes. She didn't have a big, flashy wedding like she wanted, but she talks about she will soon. I'm happy for her. They have been together for about seven years. I am happy for her. My mom deserves to be happy and have someone who cares for her as much as I do. Well, that's her story. Not really your fairy tell story, but hey, love is love no matter how or where you find it.