Antoinette Wedding Story

I had been dating, living and raising my daughter with my now husband for three years before I finally married him. We did not have a lot of money, but I didn?t care. I wanted to have his name. I wanted to be a Davis like he and my daughter.

So after a few months of saving and getting donations from my family and his, we set the date for August 25, 2007. Everyone was so afraid of it being too hot. I decided to go informal and have beach wedding. How did I do this? Well, luckily my in-laws have a pool and a beautiful back yard. We put lilac shaped candles in the pool and used sea shells in our table toppers.

I wore a bridesmaid dress that was white and lacey with white flip flops. The groom wore a white Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and brown flip flops. The bridesmaids wore sun dresses with big blue flowers on them. The ushers had yellow and blue Hawaiian shirts. It was perfect. It was a quaint wedding with only a few guests. I had so much family that only immediate members were invited.

I remember everyone telling me my husband and I couldn't see each other because "its tradition". Well, we obviously hadn't been traditional thus far already having a baby and all. So I decided before I walked out in front of everyone I would find him and kiss him. I ran around the house wondering where they were hiding him. I finally found him outside by a tree pacing. I ran up and kissed him as hard as I could and then ran away before he could say a word. I felt peaceful after that and my butterflies flew away.

When I finally walked down the "aisle," which was steps up on to a deck overlooking the pool, I saw him with a huge smile on his face, looking much more relaxed then he had been 20 minutes earlier. We married that day and ever since then I know that the best way to keep us both relaxed is just give each other a kiss. We have been married for nearly five years now and I look forward to every year to come.