Dee Wedding Story

I want to tell you my wedding story. I married the man of my dreams on October 23, 2010. It was a beautiful day and night with a full moon in the night sky. We had a gorgeous golf course right outside our wedding reception with wonderful landscapes. All our families and close friends were there, around 150 people, but not a huge wedding or an expensive one by any means.

My gown was dreamy. My makeup was just the way I wanted it. The only thing I stressed about for two months before the wedding was my hair. I went to a hair salon to get my ends trimmed so my hair would look nice and healthy. Unfortunately, the lady who cut my hair, like many hair stylists do, cut my hair too short, just above my shoulders.

I wanted to have long, flowy hair with waves so badly and I was upset. Right after that, I talked to the lady I hired to do my makeup and style my hair about the situation. She comforted me by telling me not to worry and that she would add some volume and length to my hair by adding extensions.

I went to do a trial with her and I was absolutely amazed about how it turned out. I fell in love with extensions. I had wonderful, long hair with waves on my wedding day like I wanted. I'm not sure what brand of clip-in extensions she used on my hair.

I have been affected by the bad economy, and like many people, I got laid off. My husband lost his job soon after we got married. I really wish that I could afford extensions, but with two people struggling to make ends meet, it's hard to afford those luxuries. I watch YouTube videos of girls who use extensions and envy them all the time. And I watched really positive reviews on your extensions on YouTube, so I'm attaching a few pictures of me on my wedding day with extensions in my hair. I hope you guys love the look just as much as I did.