Maranda Wedding Story

My husband and I had our wedding ceremony on July 13, 2012 after being married for almost three years and both being active duty soldiers in the United States Army. We were engaged three months after meeting at PT one morning. He was poking fun at me struggling to do pushups, but later that same morning told my grumpy butt to "Smile, it'll make the day go by faster."

It wasn’t long before we knew we were each other's happily ever after. But before we could plan out a wedding for our mutual families to attend, (I’m from Ohio, he is from Nashville and we were both stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia and many of our family members were having trouble with their schedules and other commitments so they wouldn’t be able to attend) we were deployed as military police officers in the same unit and platoon to Afghanistan for a 15 month long tour.

It was really hard for us to see each other during those 15 months, but the short time we spent together in that war zone was extremely precious and meaningful. We got home from Afghanistan on my 21st birthday on July 12, 2009 and were married 12 days later in a civil service with just us two in attendance in Hinesville, Georgia.

We were just so happy to be home and we got up one day and decided to go get married. Since then we have had two children. I recently got out of the army. We have had to move states, sell our house to buy another one and a bunch of other stressful things that you don’t want to hear about.

But FINALLY, after almost three years, we renewed our vows and had a small ceremony at an old, 18th century, tattered-up church in South Carolina with just us in the bridal party. But this time many wonderful friends and family were there to celebrate as well. My picture is of me with short hair, but as soon as my already ordered Pro Extensions get here, I’ll have long, gorgeous hair that my husband thinks is super sexy!