Cassidy Wedding Story

My name is Cassidy Lorne and I am 16 years old. Several months ago, my mother, who is my best friend, got married to my stepfather.

I remember the day so clearly - from us getting our hair done to her walking down the aisle. Getting our hair done together was an experience that neither of us was new to and we laughed and joked all through it. As they curled my hair, I held her hand and told her that no matter what, she'd always be my best friend, even if we no longer shared the same last name. I looked in the mirror at both of us standing together with our hair done. I longed for the gorgeous, long hair that my mother had, which was placed in an elegant up-do.

It was hard to hold in tears as I helped her into her beautiful wedding gown. I couldn't suppress the feeling that she wouldn't just be my best friend and mother any more, she would be someone’s wife. As I passed her beautiful bouquet of lilies, I kissed her on the cheek, being careful not to smudge her stunning makeup. I told her how much I loved her, and how absolutely stunning she looked.

As the wedding march started, I watched her walk down the aisle to the man I knew would make her happy. I couldn't hold back tears when they said their own vows. It was then that I grasped how deeply she loved him. I will never forget that day, where my beautiful best friend made me understand how deeply one person can love another.