Halloween is over, and so is our 2013 Halloween Contest. This year, we decided to host three different categories, thus giving away $450 worth of prizes!

There were two photo categories, including most facebook “likes” and Pro Extension’s Choice. The third category was a writing contest showcasing scary stories. Participants in the story category had to make sure they used a mixture of “scary” and “non-scary” keywords.

We had a wonderful turnout in all categories, and we truly appreciate everyone who participated.

In the end, Kara G. won our facebook “like” contest. As of 5 p.m. EST on Nov. 4, Kara had received an astounding 178 likes. Kara submitted a photo she titled, “I recently delivered twins, Braxon and Brielle, in July. We didn't have extra money to purchase costumes this year, so we used what we had around the house. Daddy is a Marine, so we used his camis for his costume and Braxon is in his camo shirt to match Daddy. I used one of Daddy's shirts and socks to dress up as risky business and Brielle also has her costume to match Momma. We dressed the twins up to be our twins!"

The runner-up of the facebook contest was Chanelle B. She received an impressive 82 likes. She captioned her photo, “I am an alien from Area 51, my husband, who wouldn't get in the picture, is my CIA contact. in a forbidden romance we had a half alien half human baby."

To determine the winner of the Pro Extension’s Choice category, a panel of 17 judges voted. A first place nomination received five points, while a second place nomination received three points.

The number of points a person got were tallied, and the winner was Lauren R., who shared a picture of her creepy skull makeup! The runner up of the Pro Extension’s Choice category was Casandra B., who was awarded 16 points for her extra-horrifying zombie girl costume.

 We received three scary story submissions, and a panel of 17 judges also voted on those to select a winner. Just like the ProX Choice photo category, a first-choice story got five points, while a second-place got three. The results were very close! But in the end, Morgan E. (blonde, below) won the category with 66 votes and her chilling-tale of furniture made from human skin.

The runner up in the story category was Amber (brunette, below), who received 33 points. Right behind her was Brianna, who got 29 points.

Pro Extensions would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this year’s Halloween Contest such a huge success!