The Witch

By Amber S., Age 18

Once upon a time, in the middle of the forest, there sat a lonely black house. A house that would only appear on Halloween night. The windows were filthy, there were blood stains on the floor boards and the door made a terrible screech. It was a horrible place for a person to live. But someone did. It was a witch. A fiery redhead whose temper outweighed her long, curly, frizzy hair

Every Halloween night she hid behind the forest trees that grazed the town limits, waiting and watching her prey go from door to door. She needed just one more child. One more to complete the spell. And she wouldn't stop until she had one.

She had already set up her trap. Little candies trickled along the grass from the sidewalk into the trees. Children couldn't resist candy. No matter how much they already had, they had to have more.

She listened to the pitter patter of their footsteps and their tiny little giggles. It taunted her. The clock was ticking and her time was running out. Just when she was about to burst through the trees, she heard a noise-tiny little footsteps making their way across the crisp grass. Her breath caught in her throat. Finally the time had come.

She backed deeper into the trees, out of sight and watched as the little boy made his way closer to the trees. He was paying so much attention to the candy that he didn't notice he had made his way deep into the forest. He stopped walking when he collected the last piece of candy. He raised his eyes and glazed upon the brightly colored house. It wasn’t black at all.

He could hear music playing, gentle laughter and the sweet smell of chocolate. He slowly made his way up to the steps and to the front door. Just as he was about to knock, the door opened.

A kind looking old woman appeared.

"What do we have here?" she asked.

The boy stayed silent.

"You must be lost little boy. No worries, come inside and out of the cold. Your parents must be worried sick about you." she said.

The boy was hesitant.

"Come along now, we don't want you catching a cold. You've come just in time. I've just made some fresh chocolate chip cookies. Come on, there's nothing to worry about little one." she said.

The boy slowly made his way inside. His eyes wondered around the house. The fireplace was lit; music was playing, there were pictures all over the walls, flowers on every table and a little black cat was lying across the couch.

He heard the door slam and as quick as it happened, the entire house transformed. The fireplace went out, the lights cut off, the music stopped, the pictures disappeared, the flowers died and everything turned old and black. The place had a horrible smell. It reeked of blood and dust.

The boy quickly turned around, but not to a kind-looking old woman. In her place was an ugly, scary looking witch. The witch laughed a horrible laugh.

"The time has come dearie. It always does for greedy children." she said.

The boy let out the most heart-wrenching scream. But the house was deep in the forest. And no one could hear his cries. No one could save him.