Keep on Dreaming

By Brianna, Age 15

“Josie, wake up!” said Anne in a hurry.

“What, what is going on?” said Josie

“I am having a dream, a nightmare!” Anne said in a whisper as she clutched her ponytail.

Josie turned over to the side of the bed Anne was standing on.

Josie said, “Come on, get into my bed and explain to me what is happening.”

Anne glided into Josie’s bed and began to talk.

“The man in the mask, he was walking behind from the bus when I got dropped off,” Anne said as tears rolled down her face.  “I saw him from the corner of my eye so I began to walk a little faster. I-I..”

Josie held her and whispered, “You are safe, keep going,” as she wiped her tears.

“I tried to scream, but I fell, and when I woke up, I was in this dark room,” Anne said. “It had Halloween decorations everywhere. Pumpkins carved, fake human heads and one thing that looked really real, blood. I tried to scream for help but nobody came. I tried to move, but I quickly realized my hands were tied together by rope. I called you for help and you never came. I called you!”

Josie quickly replied, “It’s just a dream. Do you want to finish?”

“Yes.” Anne said. “Well, after I called you, I heard the door slowly open. This redheaded guy with a witch mask on came up to me. He touched my face slowly and I bit him. He slapped me. I cried and screamed he said, ‘Stop it. Stop or I will kill you now.’ I stopped, but I was breathing hard. He began to pace back and forth, back and forth. Then he stopped, went up the stairs and about five minutes later he came back down the stairs with a chainsaw! I started to scream with all my life. I yelled, ‘HELP, HELP! SOMEONE, HELP ME PLEASE!’ As I was yelling, I felt the rope get tighter and it began to burn so much! He placed the chainsaw down on this wooden table and injected a needle in me. Later, I felt like I woke up. I was standing with my arms tied over my head, and my feet were tied, too. He came up to me a said, ‘Evening, are you ready?’ I said, ‘I am sick of you games, you monster.’ He then walked to the table to grab the chainsaw and he turned it on.”

Anne began to start to cough.

“Are you okay?” asked Josie. Do you want some water?”

“No, I am fine.” Anne said.  “Anyways, he turned the chainsaw on and walked toward me and started to cut me.”

“Where?”  Josie said, wondering.

“My throat.” Anne said, beginning to cough more.

“Okay, that’s enough of the story,” Josie said as she stood up. “I am going downstairs to get you some water.”

“Urgh, okay, ” mumbled Anne.

Josie walked back up the stairs with the water.  Josie reached there room and dropped the glass of water. There was Anne’s dead body, bleeding on Josie’s bed. Josie couldn’t believe it. She ran into her mom and dad’s room only to find them dead too! She then found herself face to face with a redheaded, witch-faced man with a ghost-like body. He was holding a chainsaw. That was the last of the Deion family.

“How did they die, Officer Wilder?” asked the young officer.

“They all died from… Slashes to the throat,” said Officer Wilder.