Sisters do everything together

By Rachel R.

When I was born, I came home to a loving sister who was two years older than me. Who would have known that we would end up doing EVERYTHING together? From the day I was born, we were never separated and as we grew older, we created a bond that no one could break.

We went to school together, cheered every year of high school together, played basketball every year together, played volleyball every year together and even shared a room. When I went to a friend’s house, she came too. We were both on the honor roll during school. She got accepted in the National Honor Society and when it was my turn, so did I. Her seventh grade year she was Homecoming Representative, and during my seventh grade year so was I.

She was always that person that everyone liked. She was Homecoming Representative for her class for three years and I wanted to learn everything from her and I wanted to be with her every day.

This year I was a sophomore and she was a senior. Since we had done everything else together we thought, "What’s next?" Then we realized PROM! But, sadly I was a sophomore so I was not allowed to go to prom unless someone who was a junior or a senior asked me. We were very sad that we could not do this one last thing together until one day, a senior actually asked me to go to prom with him. That was probably the best day of my life.

When prom day came, as always, we did everything together from getting our nails done, to doing our hair (I did mine and hers) and putting on the dresses and riding to prom together. The seating arrangement even had us sitting beside each other. We danced together and were even beside each other in senior lead out, but the best time of that whole night was to watch my big sister be crowned Prom Queen! I was probably happier than her that night. I would do it all over if I could.

Sadly, for the first time, me and my sister will be separated as she leaves in August to attend college. But no worries, when I graduate I’ll be right there with her! If I win this contest, whatever I get I will give to my sister because she is the reason I am what I am today, why I have the grades I have and why I play the sports that I play. Honestly, I don’t know what life would be like without her, but prom was probably the best night of our lives together and the last high school thing we did. We’ll always be together somehow.

 Rachel R Prom Photo