A Truly Haunted Adventure (Non-Fiction)

By Madisyn

It was our second week out of school. What better thing to do than have a bonfire with a couple of friends? My mom was out of town and my dad wasn't around, so I sort of expanded the guest list. I didn't know when my mom would arrive back home. My dad was only aware of three girls that were coming.

Well, three girls turned to 12 girls and it wasn't much longer until my mom came home. She was quite upset, but got over it. But that's not the wild thing about the night. It was about midnight, and our best guy friend, aka my neighbor, was out of town. We wanted to crash his cabin, which was way out back by his family's pond.

We were all dressed in sweaters and wearing hats. We didn't plan this together as a group, but two of the girls wondered off to his place. The next thing you know, we receive a text from those girls telling us to hurry up and meet them there.

So I told my mom we were playing hide and go seek in the dark, so she wouldn't call for us or look for us. After that we booked it! We finally got to his place and it was pitch black! We gathered in front of the cabin, trying to make someone go first. My friend Kylie did and there was a camera pointing at the door.

We flipped out, so I tried going in and I saw the camera. We were so confused because the door was unlocked. So we gathered once again in front of the tiny cabin. But then my friend and I looked at the window and saw a blonde-haired girl moving with a light and blanket.

We ran so fast back to my house, screaming and dying of laughter! The possibilities of it being the guy’s sister were slim. But we didn't want to find out. (True story.)