Tonya S.

My name is Tonya. My best Valentine's Day story would have to be my very first date with my best friend, who is now my husband. We were so young and little did we know that this date would be the first of many to come. Like any girl on her first date would be, I was super excited.

He came to my parent's house and had to get dropped off by his older brother. So dorky, right? But like I said, we were super-young. He had the biggest smile and the best little basket filled with goodies and a cute little teddy bear. We went out and he treated me to Outback Steakhouse. He let me know I could get anything I wanted. Most of the guys I talked to before were such cheap jerks.

He made me feel like such a princess. Just his company and big smile was all I needed. I look back now and his funny jokes really sucked. The reason why this was my best Valentine's Day was because it was the beginning of all my dreams with the love of my life. Now we have been together for seven years and married for five of them. We have the two most beautiful kids. I feel so blessed to have this life. It all started on a day full of love. So now every year we do the same thing on Valentine's Day and are growing more in love now than ever.