Maxine N.

Always remember the good ones! Although it was many years ago, when I was a senior year in high school, I was working at a well-known restaurant. (Hint-their motto is "Over 5 billion sold.")

I worked with a young man, the same age as me, whom I thought was a hard worker and always kind and considerate. At first I thought of him as a great friend and that he was lots of fun to work with. Well, one thing lead to another and nervously I asked him to my prom! He accepted and from then on we were a couple!

The following year, on Valentine’s Day, he showered me with flowers, candy, dinner etc. He was the type to give gifts for no reason. The most treasured things I received from him were his love letters and cards, often found on my windshield.

The most romantic one I received was left on my car with a single red rose. On the front of the card was a girl on a swing with the words, "Should you fall...." On the inside were the words, "I will be there to catch you." It was such a beautiful card; I cried! To this day I still have the card, some 35 years later. Jimmy was his name and he was my true first love! Wonderful memories!