Harsha C.

This story is about one of the worst Valentine's Day I had. Normally Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day filled with love. But mine turned out to be the total opposite.

I had actually planned to spend the whole day with my boyfriend, but unfortunately he had to travel to another place on the eve of Valentine's Day.

So I thought I would spend the whole day at home. I decided to cook something from a cookbook. I decided to make baked salmon and thyme. Well, I kept the fish out to clean it, but then I got a phone call so I went to receive it. By the time I was back, my cat, Snookums, had eaten the fish! Arghh! I was so mad at myself for forgetting that there was a cat in the house. So obviously I had to change the dish as there was no fish thanks to my wonderful cat! I then decided to make Tiramisu, something sweet. But that too ended as a disaster. In total, my Valentine’s Day was a complete disaster!