Sarah B.

I was in seventh grade. No Valentine. No crush, nothing. I walked into school hoping for a normal day at least, but no. This would be the worst day ever. I couldn't remember the exact first event, but it was along the lines of getting a lunch detention or something. After heading to the locker room, I reached into my bag to pull out my gym clothes. First, I dug around for a juice box I was looking forward to drinking later. As I dipped my hand into my backpack, it was soaked.

My juice box had exploded all over my papers and books. Disappointed, I scavenged for my gym clothes. Shocked, I pulled out the shorts to see the stain of the juice had permeated the crotch. Of course. Now I was mad. I threw the pants and top into my gym locker and slammed the locker door, not realizing my hand was still in the locker and BAM! I had a throbbing thumb. I still remember the awful day. It haunts me.