Melody C.

My name is Melody. My best Valentine's Day was in 1995, my senior year in high school. My best friend, Bobby, gave me a basket of my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works and a malachite pyramid (my favorite crystal). We soon started dating and got married in 2001.

We have a beautiful daughter. I have had health problems for the past eight years. He has been my rock and has never let me down. We have been through more together than most couples who have been together for 40 years, including the loss of his brother in 1995 to leukemia, and both of his parents drowning in a scuba diving accident.

He gave me strength even when one of my health problems was slowly taking my life. My stomach became paralyzed and I could barely eat. I underwent an experimental surgery which placed a pacemaker on my stomach. It shocks my stomach muscles so that I can eat more now. Luckily, I have survived and healed for the most part.

One of my health problems caused me to lose a lot of my hair. I would love to have some of your highlight extensions to add some fun color to my hair. I love the green, red and purple highlight streaks. My daughter and I would have fun adding cool colors to our hair!