Ash N.

Well, what do I say? I thought it would be the worst Valentine's Day for me, but by the end of the day it was really the best day for me. I come from a place where kidnapping or anything bad can happen at any time. I had left in the morning around 11 a.m. I was on my way to the mall as my boyfriend said he was too busy to even meet me. So I thought I would just go and roam around in the mall.

When I was walking, some guys in a van just picked me up and dragged me in the van. I was so terrified. I didn't know anything. While crying, I just passed out. I woke up after one hour. I saw that I was in a place where I had never been before. There was a beach in the front and I was in the forest, which came before the beach.

There were full, red balloons around a table with roses and heart chocolates. And then I saw my boyfriend holding a big teddy bear for me. I was so shocked and choked. He had planned all this. Those guys were his friends. He did all this to make our first Valentine's Day together the best. I really thought I was kidnapped and I was cursing the day. But in the end, my day turned out to be the best! Sounds fake, but I lived each and every moment said in this story.