I recently graduated from high school and my graduating class was huge. I always got really stressed around the time of Homecoming & Prom because of the amount of people so I always decided not to go. I really wanted to attend  my Senior Prom because it would be my last one.

My parents gave me a budget of $100 dollars to spend on Prom total. That $100 had to include my dress, hair, nails, shoes, etc. I knew that with only $100 I wouldn't be able to have my hair or makeup done so I would have to do it myself. The problem was finding a dress for under $100 bucks. My mom and I went to tons and tons of stores in my area and I tried on what seemed like a million dresses. I could never find one within my price range that I liked. My plans with my friends for Prom changed and since I didn't have a dress, I decided not to go. I still did the hair and makeup that I was going to do for Prom and decided to still have fun and go hang out with my friends. I had a blast, AND my makeup lasted all night. I was sad I didn't get to go but I realized there was nothing I could do about it.

A couple days after Prom my mom and I were at our local Goodwill store. When we were in the checkout line, my sister pointed out a gorgeous prom dress hanging in their formal dress section. I took the dress off the rack and instantly fell in love with it. It fit like it was custom made for me and when I asked the cashier how much it was I wanted to faint. $10. I paid $10 for the prettiest Prom dress I've ever seen!! Even though I missed my Senior Prom, I get to wear this gorgeous dress at my boyfriend's Senior Prom this upcoming school year. I couldn't be more excited about finding such a good deal on a dress that fits me like a glove!!