It seems every little girl dreams of the day she gets married, and goes to find the dress of her dreams. My graduation was just a little taste of that dream experience still to come.

Hi, my name is Erica, and I have now graduated from high school and am trying to find my way in the world. Most people think that finding a dress in Calgary Alberta would be the easiest job possible, but for me the experience was anything but easy.

With the budget I had and the expectations I had been dreaming about, it was difficult to find one that fit into both categories. After months of looking I ended up tired and exhausted from all the failures I had encountered, and was sure there was not a hope in this world I would find the dress of my dreams.

My family and I ended up heading to Edmonton for a getaway weekend that was greatly needed. We stayed in the West Edmonton Mall that weekend and did lots of shopping. I was surprised at how many formal dress shops were in that mall! I was super excited to see if there was a dress that I would fall head over heels for! Over the course of the weekend I tried on over 20 dresses. Sadly, I left that weekend disappointed and without a dress.

The next day I got an e-mail from a girl who wanted to buy my horse from me. Ironically, she lived in Edmonton, so we had to go back up there to deliver the horse the next week. Me, my dad and my boyfriend headed up, and decided why not stop at the mall for a couple hours? Me and my boyfriend gave Edmonton one last shot to see what I could find, and we stopped at Style America.

Just as I was about to pack up, shining in the corner of the store was this magnificent Mac Dougal white dress and I just had to try it on. It fit perfectly to my body and needed no alterations. It was as if the dress was made for me! I had finally found the dress I had been dreaming about since I had started this journey in grade 2!!!