Hi, my name is Kailah! I'm from Belton, Texas. I attended my junior prom this year and it was Ahhmazing!

Finding my dress wasn't too difficult. As soon as I saw it at this Cinderella boutique, I fell in love with it! The dress was an aqua blue with beautiful gems all along the strap! I felt like a celebrity in it!

At the time, I had a French exchange student named Juliette staying with me. She was very sweet, and she was super excited for prom as well, because in France they don't have events like that! So for me to get ready with her was great. I got to show her all the things we do to get ready for prom, from hair all the way to painting our toenails. It was all a new experience for her, and I was soo happy to be able to share it with her!

After that we both met up with my two best friends Cece and Alissa, we all drove to a beautiful downtown area called the Gin and took pictures by the town's stream. After that, we all went out to eat at a fancy Thai restaurant, and from there we headed to prom!

The theme was Oriental, and all the decorations were beautiful and bright red! The DJ played upbeat music all night and had an awesome smoke machine to make the dance scene feel great!! We all danced for most of the night and enjoyed the amazing chocolate fountain! After the night was over, we all went home and slept soundly with the memory of the night left in our minds.